5 Benjamin Road

5 Benjamin Road in Chester

5 Benjamin Road is an inviting Chester Colonial located less than 20 minutes from Morristown. The home offers a recently-upgraded kitchen and full bath.

On a rainy afternoon, friends and family gathered in memory of MTA conductor Ben Schaefer three years after his passing away. A stretch of East 15th Street will now bear his name as part of this tribute to honor his life and memory.

Early Life and Education

At Benjamin School, children reach their full potential in core academic subjects as well as art, music and world languages. Our Upper School (grades PK3 to 12) graduates leave with unparalleled skills and a depth of experience from classroom teaching, playing field action and studio sessions.

In 1721, Josiah sent Ben to work as an apprentice printer under his half-brother James; though Ben would have preferred school tuition payments instead. James encouraged Ben’s writing talents; eventually Ben began publishing essays under Silence Dogood that mocked Boston society.

After seven years in Scientific Civil Service at Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment, he moved on to Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) at Cheltenham where he developed intelligence technologies as well as military (torpedoes and submarines). Additionally he served on Defense Scientific Advisory Council.

Personal Life

Benjamin’s philosophy was steeped in mysticism. He created his own version of rationalism he termed ‘hermetic form of rationalism’ which he believed to be necessary for comprehending history.

At 15, Ben helped his brother James launch The New-England Courant newspaper with opinion pieces and advertisements, including some that criticised Massachusetts government policies in his article. James put Ben in jail twice due to these criticisms in his newspaper.

She was difficult to be around, resenting any attempt by others to control him and often abusing his family and employees, especially Deborah Read. He held special contempt for Deborah Read; fearing her power over him, he even beat her on occasion! In business matters she was also quite ruthless.

Net Worth

Benjamin English serves as financial planner at Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management’s Palm Desert office of their Asset & Wealth Management business, in Asset & Wealth Management’s Asset & Wealth Management. He advises senior corporate executives, healthcare professionals and clients transitioning into retirement on benefits maximization strategies such as tax planning, estate planning, wealth transfer strategies and investment strategy.

Anthony Pompliano, more popularly known by his nickname of Pomp, is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist well-recognized in the cryptocurrency community for hosting The Pomp Podcast and publishing The Pomp Letter; he’s also co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, the crypto arm of major asset manager Morgan Creek Capital.

Home values in this neighborhood tend to be competitive; similar homes nearby typically sell for 5-6% over their list price and go pending within 14 days of being listed for sale.

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