50s Barbie

The 1950s Barbie

Barbie, a 1950s toy, was popular because it reflected American society. She wore undergarments that symbolised adulthood, such as a girdle, to help women maintain proper posture. Her first wardrobe included a petticoat and a wedding dress. While her clothing was primarily for play, she was also seen as a symbol of marriage and the onset of adulthood.

Fashions in the 1950s remained consistent, but there were subtle changes. The 1960s version of Barbie wore softer eye makeup and a less arched eyebrow. Her irises were blue instead of green. Her hairstyle became more sophisticated, too, with a third color – red. The color was called “Titian” at that time.

The 1950s Barbie first appeared on television after the war. Kids watched the Mickey Mouse Club, and the Barbie ads helped sell 351,000 Barbies in the first year, breaking sales records. The advertisements helped the toy industry recognize the power of children over parents’ wallets. They also created a new audience of young children. Mattel and other toy companies have long recognized the power of advertising campaigns. The 1950s Barbie is a classic.

The Twist ‘N turn Barbie was a limited edition of the most popular version of this toy. These Barbie limited editions had rooted eyelashes, colorful hair, bendable legs, and waists that could be turned in different directions. Many dolls had removable clothes that could be changed at any time. The doll was so popular that it is now hard to find a single example in mint condition.

The 1950s Barbie embodied the spirit of the era and was a symbol of the times in which it was introduced. It was released on March 9, 1959, its first year of existence. Handler saw the doll’s appearance as a representation for the times. In that first year, 300 thousand Barbies were sold. A mint condition #1 Barbie can be sold for more than $25,000 today! This doll is an incredible opportunity for collectors!

The 1950s Barbie has had more than 200 careers and was the first to reach the moon. She was actually four years ahead of Neil Armstrong. Barbie was a doctor, paleontologist and computer engineer in the 1960s. She also became a rock star. Ken Carson was her boyfriend. Handler’s son named the boyfriend, while Midge, her female friend, was introduced to Midge in 1963. Barbie’s second-generation best friend, Ken, was introduced in 1964. Midge was the last of the Handler family to join the ranks of the 1950s Barbie.

Besides age, condition, the 1950s Barbie is a treasure. Many collectors have them and they’re worth millions today. Don’t be afraid of making an investment if you are looking for a vintage Barbie at a reasonable price. Barbie dolls have a unique history and can fetch a premium. It is important to remember that even the best amateur can make mistakes. It is a good idea for Barbie dolls to be appraised by professionals. You’ll narrow down the margin of error.

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