5411 Reebok

195411 Reebok

The 195411 Reebok is one the most iconic silhouettes of the Freestyle line. The name and design of the 195411 Reebok are a classic among freestylers. Although the shoes were originally made of leather, they are now available in a variety materials including synthetic and nubuck. They are also available in a variety of colours, with white being the most popular choice. Other colours include orange, turquoise, hot pink, and green.

The Freestyle Hi was the original version of the shoe. It featured double Velcro straps to provide extra support for the ankle. Its unique design made it a trend-setting fashion statement. The Freestyle line was responsible for more than half the total sales of Reebok by 1984. After the 1986 ad campaign “Life is Not a Spectator Sport”, the popularity of the line soared. The ad message emphasized the importance of physical activity and promoted a healthier lifestyle.

A public party was also held at the Reebok Union Square store. There, Teyana Taylor was on hand to meet fans and perform a freestyle routine. At this event, fans were able to purchase limited-edition items and enter a photobooth to win a Teyana Taylor autographed sneaker. Union Square Reebok hosted a party to celebrate the freestyle line, which is very popular with younger generations.

The Freestyle is a versatile athletic shoe, made from lightweight leather and lined with terrycloth. They were the first women’s athletic shoes. The shoe was released in white but soon came in a variety of other colors. There was even a low-top tennis version available that was designed with two velcro straps. Reebok sold 32,000 pairs of the Freestyle in just a few days. In two years, the Freestyle accounted for half of Reebok’s sales.

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