90s Themed Baby Shower

Planning a 90s Themed Baby Shower

Are you planning a 90s-themed baby shower? Here are some fun ideas for decorations and games! You can make it all ’90s by making diaper raffle cards or bringing your own book! You can also download fonts from the Internet to make your invitations and decorations look perfect. For tips on how to design a baby shower, check out Design School. It is a rich resource that includes tutorials and templates to help you design baby showers, and many other things.

Two celebrities from the ’90s hosted an extravagant baby shower to celebrate their new bundle of joy. Rasheeda and Kirk Frost hosted the “Fresh Prince of Atlanta” themed party. Kandi Burrusss and Lil Scrappy were also present at the party. To celebrate their new bundle of joy, they wore their favorite ’90s outfits! They even had a photo shoot set up with the ’90s’!

Another ’90s-inspired baby shower favor is a Magic 8 Ball. These candy dummies are a staple at many parties and schools in the ’90s. Even desserts can be inspired by the style of the era. You can also find unicorn macarons or other items adorned with ’90s logos. These ideas will make your guests feel like they are back in the ’90s.

Baby showers with a ’90s theme are very popular, but you don’t have to worry if that’s not your style. A great party will turn heads. The couple’s son was named Breland Richardson. This Atlanta baby shower allowed guests to dress up in the costumes of their favorite ’90s stars. One of Bambi’s best friends dressed up as the singer Aaliyah from the “Try Again” video, while Scrappy wore denim overalls and a throwback shirt to match her outfit.

Portia Perry, the mom of one of the expecting parents, decided to throw a Fresh Prince-themed baby shower, featuring a gold chain, road sign from I-76 West, and a boom box. While putting together this party, she was unaware that other expectant mothers had planned a ’90s themed baby shower. After posting photos of the shower to Instagram, she realized that other moms had done it!

The ’90s are the decade of music and fashion, so make sure to keep it in mind when planning your party. For decoration ideas, consider using rainbow Slinkies, Magic 8-Balls, and confetti squares. You can also make life-size cutouts from your favorite pop icons or boy band members. Spray-painted VHS tapes make a great decoration for your party. If you’d like to hand out party favors, look no further than Lisa Frank’s ‘Baby Shower’.

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