Abigail Henry

Abigail Henry teaches African American History at Mastery Charter Schools

Abigail taught African American History at Mastery Charter Schools in Philadelphia, PA and led Professional Development sessions for her fellow history teachers.

In November 1800, following John Adams’ election loss and their relocation to Washington D.C. as capital city, she oversaw their move and privately lamented about its primitive conditions to family members.

Early Life and Education

Abigail Henry, an African American history teacher at Mastery Charter School — Shoemaker Campus in Philadelphia has made The 1619 Project an integral component of her curriculum. Like educators around the country using it as an important conversation starter about contemporary slavery issues.

Ada also uses her role within the gang to advance health initiatives, like encouraging public vaccination against flu. Yet despite these noble intentions, she often appears dimwitted and hot-headed – often having childish tendencies. Ada’s name is an allusion to Abigail from the Bible who ran an illegal protection racket which refused David provisions for his army; this led to a massacre, with David eventually offering her an eloquent apology letter as compensation for what happened.

Professional Career

Abigail Henry has been teaching African American History at Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus for the last decade and serving as Content Lead, regularly leading professional development workshops for other teachers, and participating as a Collaborating Network Educator of Center for Black Educator Development collaborating network educator as well as being active contributor in Philadelphia’s 7th Ward community.

Estelle excelled on the basketball court as well. As a senior she led her team to win a state title and was honored as part of an All-Tournament Team at the Metro Holiday Tournament; scoring over 1,000 points during her prep career and serving as three-year captain.

Abigail currently works as a pharmacist at Backus Hospital and per diem at Big Y Foods, and she specializes in transitions of care and medication management for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart failure, COPD, anticoagulation and hypertension.

Achievement and Honors

Abigail Henry, a ninth grade African American history teacher at Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus in West Philadelphia, uses classroom discussions about recent police encounters involving unarmed Black people as an important topic of instruction.

As soon as John Adams was appointed Minister to Britain in 1784, Abigail moved with their two children Nabby and John Quincy to London with him. She initially found London unpleasant but found joy in new experiences such as acting as temporary guardian of Thomas Jefferson’s daughter Mary Jefferson Eppes (Polly). Through these arrangements she came to deeply cherish Pollly whose guardianship she eventually assumed permanently.

WCSU Honors students are driven, compassionate and deeply engaged on campus and in their communities. Many have gone on to earn Fulbright scholarships, travel the world and attend top graduate universities for graduate school studies.

Personal Life

Abigail Henry is an educator at Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus. She specializes in African American history and provides Professional Development sessions to other teachers. Additionally, Abigail serves as both curriculum writer and Content Lead of her network.

She takes an extreme view of human nature and thinks men are irrational beings who shouldn’t be trusted with power. If tempted by revenge, ambition, pride or lust they could descend to “base and vile actions”.

In this excerpt she speaks out in favor of laws to protect women. According to her logic, men tend toward dominance; laws would help remind them not to treat their wives poorly. One of her more famous quotes, it must be read within its context of 1776 rather than modern feminism.

Net worth

Abigail Spencer is an American actress with an estimated net worth of over $3 Million. She first rose to prominence thanks to her role as Rebecca Tyree on All My Children; since then she has made numerous guest appearances, such as Lifetime crime drama Angela’s Eyes.

She holds both a Master of Communication and Culture as well as a Doctorate in English Literature from Boston University, specializing in International Cultural Policy and Caribbean studies research. As an outspoken feminist she has given away much of her fortune for charitable purposes.

She donates much of her wealth to charities that focus on healthcare and education, is an avid Red Sox fan, and owns a home in Brookline.

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