Accident On 287 In Longmont Today

Two Dead in an Accident on 287 in Longmont Today

The Highway 287 between Longmont and Lafayette has a high rate of accidents. This is due to three factors: weather, speed, and road conditions. It is also a highway that is being developed and more people are driving on it. Whether it’s a car accident, motorcycle crash, or truck accident, it can cause serious injuries and even death.

A few weeks ago, a crash on U.S. 287 in Boulder County left two dead. An SUV and a Toyota pickup were involved in the accident. There were no other occupants in the vehicles. They were headed southbound on 287, and were in the wrong lane. When they were hit, they veered off the roadway and ended up in a pile-up. One of the drivers was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other was taken to Longs Peak Hospital.

The Colorado State Patrol responded to the crash. They are still investigating the cause of the crash. However, a spokesperson for the CSP states that the accident could have been caused by excessive speed.

On December 13, at about 7 p.m., the CSP received a call regarding a head-on collision. Upon arrival, they found a Kia Optima and a Chevrolet Silverado involved in a collision. Both vehicles were reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed. Neither driver stopped at the intersection. Several hours later, the northbound lanes were closed.

Earlier this month, a head-on collision on the same road claimed the lives of a woman and a man. In addition, a 14-year-old was injured. Another driver was arrested for vehicular homicide after the crash.

During the past year, there have been many more accidents on Highway 287. At least 60 people have died in crashes on the highway. These include a teacher, an air force captain, a student, and a former Longmont police officer. Although these are some of the more tragic accidents on the highway, they are not the only ones. Many other non-fatal crashes have occurred in the same area in 2013.

Last week, a commuting plane crashed into a parachuting club plane. The pilot, Lowell Thomas Dugan Jr., was from Longmont. According to the CSP, the crash was caused by “excessive speed.”

A few weeks before that, a 17-year-old was killed in a ski accident at Eldora Ski Area. Another teen was killed in a motor scooter crash. A 14-year-old was also injured in a bus accident. Similarly, a seven-year-old boy was seriously injured.

A pedestrian-car collision is another dangerous situation. During a snowstorm or blizzard, the weather can cause damage to the roads and make them extremely windy. In addition, the weather can contribute to animal collisions.

If you’ve been in an accident, it’s always important to seek legal help. Having a qualified, experienced attorney will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. You’ll also be able to get your questions answered by a knowledgeable local lawyer.

As you can see, there are a lot of serious accidents on Highway 287 in Boulder County. But with the help of the CDOT, the County is working to improve safety on the highway.

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