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Adam Boehme Net Worth

Adam Boehme is an established rapper and podcast host renowned for his YouTube channel being watched over five million times.

He has an immense passion for inspiring and educating people about mental health issues, with the aim of decreasing stigma associated with them and creating online content to build resilience and coping skills amongst his audience.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Adam Boehme led an impressive career as an athlete, broadcaster and sports reporter. Beginning his career at KHAS-TV and eventually working for WHAS-TV respectively.

He was an exceptional Nashua High School athlete, excelling in basketball, baseball and track and field for over twenty years. Among other accomplishments he held an all-time scoring lead at Nashua High, set a tournament scoring record and was honored as Nashua Athlete of the Year in 1971.

After graduating, he earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University. Now serving as sports anchor at both Bleacher Report and Turner Sports.

He’s an enthusiastic individual who looks out for any opportunities in all areas of his life, such as entrepreneurship, rapping and biker fields.

Achievement and Honors

Adam is an Emmy, AP and RTNDA award-winning American journalist, having covered major stories for more than 17 years – more than any other television news personality in America.

He is both a husband and father to two. In his free time he enjoys travelling, skiing, golfing, attending Giants and Warriors games and watching live music performances.

His passion and intellectual curiosity helped him achieve high scholarly promise, and were fostered by Dr. Paul Axt as part of this program’s founding philosophy to foster passion, inquiry, intellectual daring and wide ranging interests that lead to higher scholarly achievements and award recognition.

Personal Life

Adam Boehme enjoyed an idyllic upbringing, always being supported and cared for by his parents who ensured he could pursue his passions and goals in life.

Adam was fortunate enough to grow up in an environment which encouraged his athletic pursuits. A passionate cyclist, Adam even rode one of the world’s elite bikes!

After graduating from the University of Michigan, he embarked on a media career by hosting Between the Lines weekly NFL talk show for four years.

He began working for KHAS-TV in 2008 as a reporter and anchor, covering newscasts by reporting, writing and shooting packages for newscasts.

Adam then transitioned to WHAS-TV as a news reporter and anchor, hosting various shows and events such as NCAA soccer championships, Senior PGA championships, Sugar Bowl BCS Championship, two NCAA basketball national championships and more during his time there.

Net Worth

Adam Boehme is a respected sports trainer, host, producer, and TV presenter who is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth between $700,000 to $850,000 as of 2022.

He is widely recognized for his extensive career in the sports industry and has worked with various sporting organizations – from NFL and NBA teams, to international federations bodies like FIFA.

Adam Boehme and Jennifer Vitt are married with three children together and prefer keeping their personal lives out of the spotlight. Both enjoy taking their family out to watch football games regularly.

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