Adam Cartwright

Adam Cartwright – The Eldest Son of Ben Cartwright

Adam Cartwright, Ben’s oldest son, is adept with firearms. He’s warm, intelligent, mature, and responsible.

He’s an intelligent individual who weighs both sides of an issue before reaching his conclusion, making him an exceptional father and grandfather. This trait made him standout.

Early Life and Education

Adam Cartwright, Ben Cartwright’s eldest son and Adam’s elder brother is well-educated, thoughtful and mature. He’s adept with guns and serves as a secondary parental figure/authority figure to his younger siblings Hoss and Little Joe – often criticizing their less than serious behaviors or acts like typical boys; yet appears to love them very much.

Raised in the West but attending college in the East, where he majored in architecture and engineering. Thanks to him, Ponderosa Home was designed beautifully.

Attorney Scott Aiello specializes in land use and environmental law. Recently he served as City Attorney of Modesto. In addition, he advised Monterey City on subdivision/vested rights issues associated with their massive Cannery Row mixed use development project.

Professional Career

Adam is an esteemed media and defamation lawyer at our firm, with clients that include multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), heads of state, prominent figures and celebrities; charities as well as members of the public subjected to intrusive or defamatory media coverage. He regularly acts on their behalf.

He is proficient with firearms and an exceptional role model; often acting as the secondary parental figure to Hoss and Little Joe. In his younger years he trained horses before working at the Ponderosa building houses and undertaking other projects.

He takes an approachable and pragmatic approach to business, amassing an impressive practice advising clients on labor and employment matters such as hiring/firing decisions, investigations, wrongful termination claims, reclassifications/layoffs/and employee benefit issues.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Cartwright is Ben’s older brother and is a serious individual who takes responsibility for running Ponderosa Ranch alongside helping with other Cartwright duties on it. A strong leader, Adam is often called upon to assist other Cartwrights with tasks they require assistance for. A progressive thinker, Adam often expressed disdain at primitive ways in the West and stated his preference to live among civilized people instead of primitive “savages”. Adam featured in 93 episodes of the series.

Personal Life

Adam Cartwright was Ben’s eldest son. He worked alongside him at the Ponderosa, while also serving as a secondary parent figure to Hoss and Little Joe; Adam was roughly six or seven years older than Joe.

Adams was an intelligent, warm-hearted individual in contrast with his boisterous younger brothers. Always patiently considering both sides before reaching a decision, Adams was known for taking his time when making decisions and considering all available information before making his choice. A progressive and entrepreneur who often sought opportunities to improve himself and those around him, Adams was adept with both firearms and horses and could often be found hunting and horseback riding – as well as often criticizing primitive Western ways. On occasion he would criticise it, preferring civilized people over “savages.”

Net Worth

Adam Cart is an affluent individual and owns several luxury vehicles and homes, hosting extravagant parties for his friends and colleagues in Hollywood. Adam loves luxurious things and enjoys driving his luxurious Pennwick golf cart around town; when not doing this he can often be found with his children at exotic destinations for family vacations. Furthermore, Adam loves wearing high-end footwear such as recently seen when wearing an exquisite $400 pair; an avid shoe collector indeed!

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