Adam Caudill

Adam Caudill, RCO’s Chief Security Officer, Has Passed Away

Adam Caudill is a security leader with more than two decades of experience in security and software development; with expertise in application security, secure communications and cryptography. Additionally, Adam blogs extensively on application and data protection matters while being an avid contributor to open source projects as an advocate for user privacy protection – regularly speaking at conferences and events around the globe.

Early Life and Education

Adam began his studies at Elkin High School before attending Auburn University in Alabama. There, his interest in aviation blossomed and led him to pursue his goal of becoming a pilot.

After returning home and studying at Elkin Municipal Airport, he earned his Private Pilot’s license and intends to become an airline pilot upon college graduation.

Adam loved spending his free time outdoors and biking was his passion. To honor Adam and his family’s memory, on October 22nd the town of Purcellville hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for Adam’s Bike Park across from Loudoun Valley High School.

Professional Career

RCO Stowaways have one of the most fulfilling jobs: overseeing outdoor programs. Adam has put forth considerable thought and work into several of RCO’s best kept secrets over more than a decade. Adam is an accomplished trail builder by trade and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty in order to restore and build trails on a limited budget. His love of adventure in nature makes him feel at home wherever he goes; no bug ever bothered him in doing his work! Adam is an enthusiastic believer in living a balanced life that doesn’t just revolve around work. While his favorite pastime may not always involve outdoor sports and recreation, Adam remains passionate about supporting arts projects; in recent years he’s even attended Broadway shows or high-profile events!

Achievement and Honors

Adam was an accomplished student, employee, husband, father and brother who is beloved by family and friends alike. Adam will be deeply missed but will live on through their memories; among these include Holly (Ewoldsen) with two of their four children as well as George Ewoldsen’s parents Cindy Caudill (Tom), step siblings Lisa and Erin as well as many cousins, aunts uncles, nieces & nephews from across his long lifetime of experiences.

At his best, he was also an honorable Air Force officer, having both active duty and reserve service. Among his numerous achievements was receiving the Air Force highest civilian honors – earning the Distinguished Flying Cross as his most significant award.

Personal Life

Adam was an extremely hardworking individual who deeply valued his family. He strived to make other feel welcome and wanted them to enjoy every moment of their lives.

He also had a deep-seated love for nature, frequently hiking or gardening. Additionally, he enjoyed listening to music and drinking beer.

He was a kind and considerate individual who would always give a “thumbs-up” when taking pictures, and will be greatly missed by both his family and friends.

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