Adam Chang

Adam Chang – A BCG Associate With Experience in Greater China Strategy and Client Relationship Management

Adam Chang is an associate at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) with experience in Greater China strategy and client relationship management, having also previously worked as a corporate attorney.

He was raised in Shanghai during an era marked by the excesses of the Cultural Revolution. After studying at the Fine Arts Academy, he relocated to Australia and created realist canvases with monumental qualities which draw upon both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.

Early Life and Education

Adam Chang experienced China’s turbulent Cultural Revolution as a child. As his family were merchants, making them prime targets for Mao’s Red Guards, his life became disrupted despite his extraordinary talent in painting. Although alienated from school and family life alike, Adam continued painting.

As China opened to the outside world, he studied Western art. These studies allowed him to find his niche while drawing upon past masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio for inspiration.

As soon as he arrived in Australia, his portraits rapidly gained recognition. He became a finalist for both the Australian Archibald Prize and Doug Moran Portrait Prize; additionally he displayed them at Art Gallery of New South Wales. His paintings employ large formats with monochromatic hues depicting subjects ranging from politicians to celebrities.

Professional Career

Adam Chang is a partner at Kundani & Chang law firm in Los Angeles. An accomplished trial lawyer, Adam has tried numerous jury trials resulting in multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements on his clients’ behalf.

Born and raised in Shanghai during an era marked by the excesses of Cultural Revolution, he graduated from Fine Arts Academy with honors in 1992. Subsequently relocating to Australia five years later and his realist tonal paintings quickly attracted critical acclaim; eventually becoming six-time Archibald Prize finalists.

His most striking work is the monumental portrait of Chinese President Xi Jinping. This work features an epic quality that alludes to many iconic aspects of both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture. Additionally, he has completed several paintings depicting China’s national animal.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Chang stands as one of only a select few Chinese artists to have ever won a major prize in a Western country, earning him fame among Chinese painters worldwide. His success can be summed up as that of an outgoing immigrant battler whose hard work propelled them toward reaching the pinnacle of his career. Chang combines the strengths of Chinese ink painting with expressive strength from Western paintings. He employs large canvases with monochromatic palettes and large brushes, which he employs for producing sharp-edged strokes that produce distinct delineated strokes. Artist, Emile Sherman. Portrait. John Coetzee

Personal Life

Adam Chang is a passionate youth advocate with years of volunteer projects and nonprofit experience to his credit. Additionally, he holds his library technician certification and worked to establish technology programs at Citrus County Library System branches before taking on his current position of region manager for Homosassa and Lakes Region branches.

Chang was born in Shanghai in 1960 during the Cultural Revolution’s excesses but benefited from reform policies that gave him access to Western art – leading him to explore a more fluid style of painting.

After moving to Australia in 1997, years of research and experimentation culminated in a unique synthesis between Chinese ink painting and expressive strength of Western art, giving his realist tonal canvases a monumental quality that has profoundly impacted generations of painters.

Net Worth

Forbes estimates Chang to have amassed a net worth of $3 billion and ranks him thirteenth richest person in Taiwan and 868th on the global billionaires list. Much of his fortune was acquired through Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), one of the world’s premier independent semiconductor manufacturing services companies with assembly and test facilities throughout Taiwan, South Korea, China, Japan Singapore Malaysia Mexico and Silicon Valley.

On July 5, 2022, the Tampa Bay Rays claimed Chang off waivers from Pittsburgh Pirates. He played 36 games with them, batting.260 while making appearances at every infield position defensively. On September 9, he was released. Currently residing in New York City with Lynn Ban (an entrepreneur who runs a jewelry business). Both currently reside on Billionaires’ Row.

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