Adam Chau

Adam Chau

Adam Chau is a lecturer in modern Chinese anthropology at Cambridge. His research, Miraculous Response: Doing Popular Religion in Contemporary China, investigates resurgent traditional beliefs and practices in rural Shaanbei in northern Shaanxi Province.

Chau’s studio practice involves the integration of digital technology and traditional craft practices, including exhibition and publication internationally.

Early Life and Education

Adam Chau was raised in Beijing and Hong Kong before attending Williams College for undergraduate study before going on to Stanford University to obtain his PhD. Since then he has worked across China, America and Europe; most notably at Cambridge University’s Anthropology of Modern China course where his research is now taught. Adam’s focus in his book Miraculous Response: Doing Popular Religion in Contemporary China draws attention to temple management practices as well as local interactions, rather than viewing state and people as being solely opposed. Chau’s research also shows how religious rituals serve as arenas for modernity negotiations within Chinese society7

This book deserves wider readership. The author should be applauded for his commitment to political anthropology, refusing to see state and people as inextricable entities.

Professional Career

Adam Chau is an artist whose artwork draws its inspiration from mysticism, mythology and folklore. A thoughtful painter, poetic illustrator and veteran designer who tells stories with his artwork.

Lewis & Clark University Pioneers have earned numerous ITA West Region and All-NWC accolades under his coaching. Additionally, he runs Rip City Tennis Club and Nike Tennis Camps.

He holds both a B.S. in International Relations and M.B.A, with Honors, from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. As an operating partner at Angeles Operations Group he is accountable for conducting evaluation and due diligence of new investments as well as leading post-close transformation within its portfolio.

Achievement and Honors

Chau has written and co-written multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers, presented at national and international conferences, and received recognition from acclaimed subject experts around the globe for his contributions.

He has participated in various artistic projects and residencies worldwide, such as work in Italy, Netherlands, Taiwan and China. Furthermore, he curated Reinvented: an exhibition which traveled five locations within the US over two years.

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Personal Life

Hung Kai-shek’s romantic Hong Kong films have won him great acclaim among audiences and cemented his status as an international star in his native land. Additionally, he is an accomplished singer/songwriter with 12 studio albums to his credit.

Chau’s approach to popular religion is unique and valuable, drawing from his extensive fieldwork in China (notably Shaanbei) as well as extensive reading in this field. Additionally, it stands in stark contrast with conventional confessional models which lead to much misinterpretation of contemporary Chinese religious life.

Chau noted during his short visit to Sentinelese island that they reacted with bewilderment and hostility when he tried singing worship songs in their language and speaking it directly; when he attempted singing worship songs or speaking their language directly they laughed at him and shot metal-headed arrows towards him.

Net Worth

Adam Chau is widely known for voicing thirteen characters on The Simpsons television series and has earned much acclaim and controversy as a result of it. Some critics have accused him of racism or bigotry for voicing one character; however, Adam Chau defends himself by noting it was part of his job and did what was asked of him. For similar information check Morgan Freeman Net Worth.

He is an artist based out of New York with a Master’s degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an interest in merging digital manufacturing techniques with traditional studio techniques in his studio practice.

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