Adam Cirel

Adam Cirel – Commercial Real Estate Broker

Adam Cirel works in the Real Estate field. Based out of Newton Center MA, he uses various aliases including:

Adam joined Atlantic Retail Properties in 2004 and quickly established himself as one of Greater Boston’s premier leasing brokers, serving clients such as Crosspoint Associates, Benderson Development, Madison Properties Ann & Hope Companies and The D’Amante Companies among many others.

Early Life and Education

Adam Cirel hails from Birmingham, Alabama. At UAB for both undergraduate and graduate study of mathematics and physics. During an interview, Cirel advised other future UAB students to find their passion early in their careers and use that as motivation in shaping their professional efforts – this will ultimately bring success and happiness in any field. His inspiration led him into education, business and real estate fields; currently living at 415 Ward Street Newton Center MA; having previously resided on 27 Coolidge Rd Brighton MA

Adam is well known amongst friends and associates such as Alexis L Aballi, Amanda G Pugh, Amber C Clarke, Arden G Erlichman and Bonnie G Kintigh.

Professional Career

Adam Cirel has over ten years of experience in commercial real estate brokerage and development. His services encompass acquisition, disposition, leasing and development transactions as well as advising clients on effective strategies for their commercial investment goals.

He has spearheaded major expansion strategies for retailers including Petco, TD Bank, Sherwin Williams, Advance Auto Parts, and Chili’s since joining Atlantic in 2004 and was recognized with Principal status by late 2015.

He currently resides at 415 Ward Street in Newton Center, MA; previously he lived at 27 Coolidge Rd in Watertown. Alexis L Aballi, Amanda G Pugh, Amber C Clarke Arden G Erlichman and Bonnie G Kintigh may also be associated with him.

Achievement and Honors

He has worked on many high profile stories for Vanity Fair, such as a multi-part series about the Army’s decision to stop using Dragonskin flexible body armor, which earned him an Emmy award. Additionally, he produced a series on oceanography featuring scientists and First Nations experts for an in depth view of our planet’s largest habitat; directed sequences in several IMAX films; and won multiple Emmy awards.

Personal Life

Adam Cirel is actively engaged in various community and charitable initiatives in addition to his professional pursuits. When not working out or spending time with family he enjoys working out and relaxing at the spa.

Cirel has been with Atlantic Retail since 2004 and has played an instrumental role in helping drive its success. He was responsible for executing expansion strategies on behalf of clients like Petco, Chase Bank, Sherwin Williams, TD Bank and Chili’s.

He has produced investigative stories and high-profile interviews for publications including Vanity Fair, CBS News’ 60 Minutes, NBC News and Vice on HBO – winning him three Emmy awards as well as several nominations.

Adam Cirel currently resides in Newton Center, MA 02459. Prior to that he lived at 415 Ward Street and 27 Coolidge Road.

Net Worth

Adam Cirel is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $5 Million. His success can be attributed to hard work ethic and diligent approach to business over many years. His efforts have enabled him to become one of Boston’s premier leasing brokers, having provided expansion strategies for retailers such as Petco, TD Bank, Sherwin Williams, Advance Auto Parts and Hair Cuttery. Since 2004 he has been with Atlantic Retail as a broker. In 2015, he was promoted to Principal, and in 2020, became Partner at his firm. He boasts an extensive client roster that includes Crosspoint Associates, Benderson Development, Madison Properties, The DAmante Companies, KGI Properties National Development Eclipse Management City Real Estate Development Corp Haynes Management. He resides in Newton Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

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