Adam Diehl

Adam Diehl

Adam Diehl is an Urban Transport Specialist working for the World Bank’s East Africa Transport Unit. In addition to that role, Adam collaborated on a project led by World Resources Institute on sustainable cooling technologies for mobile refrigeration units.

He holds an academic background in genetics and was trained under Adam Siepel where he created a hidden Markov model to identify species-specific transcription factor binding sites. His current research interests lie within gene regulatory grammar and evolution.

Early Life and Education

Diehl was born near Landau, Germany on July 16, 1842 and later immigrated to Missouri where he settled.

Oakfield was his academic home. Here he earned his Bachelor’s degree.

In 1879, he married Minerva Bell Hillegass and resided in New Buena Vista with their daughter Minerva Bell Diehl.

Adam served in the Civil War by enrolling with the 82nd Pennsylvania Infantry in November 1864, where he claimed a back injury while serving.

He died of cerebral hemorrhage and was laid to rest at Dry Ridge Reformed Cemetery with the Rev. Carl H. Clapp of St Mark’s Church officiating his funeral, according to Cumberland (MD) News. Nine of his descendants survived him.

Professional Career

Diehl was an influential figure in Cincinnati. He founded both Edgewood Distilling Company and his Edgewood Farm – two business that produced corn whiskey.

At the turn of the 20th Century, he served on the city council and played semi-pro baseball as an amateur tennis player and semi-professional baseball pitcher.

Diehl was offered a scholarship at the University of Cincinnati and quickly established himself as a solid player, competing in the American Association from 1904 until 1910.

Diehl joined the Louisville Colonels of the American Association at Heinie Peitz’s request. Manager Clark Griffith offered Diehl a contract with his Reds team but declined.

Achievement and Honors

Diehl is an impressive high school alumnus in Charlotte’s metro area who boasts an impressive list of achievements since graduation. He graduated at the top of his class and garnered many collegiate honors during college, eventually joining James, McElroy & Diehl law firm to practice civil litigation, insurance coverage and real property disputes law – his specialties also include complex civil litigation, insurance coverage disputes and real property matters. Furthermore, Diehl holds both an MBA from North Carolina State University as well as being an incredible family man with a fierce work ethic!

Even with his many awards and accomplishments, he remains an AHS alumnus at heart. A philanthropist himself, he’s an avid AHS sports fan – not forgetting membership in AHS Hall of Fame!

Personal Life

Diehl has long been involved in art. He has shown paintings and photography at some of the premier galleries in Chicago and New York.

He has also collaborated on a mile-long installation known as Path of Remembrance that encases the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago as a tribute to those affected by September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on Chicago.

Diehl has also undertaken many personal projects over the last several years, such as his portrait series featuring elements drawn from diverse sources – old manuscripts, natural history studies, poetry by Pablo Neruda himself etc – or iconic series featuring blue hued faces on paper works.

Net Worth

Adam Diehl, an avid collector of rare books in Montauk, was discovered dead with both of his hands severed, his home filled with valuable inscribed books and original manuscripts that have been damaged beyond repair. Meghan Diehl and Will, a literary forger convicted of literary forgery, struggle to come to terms with his brutal murder; yet when mysterious letters written by long-dead authors begin arriving at their doorstep threatening Will’s own life he realizes a new beginning is essential if their lives will survive.

Diehl is an accomplished character actor, having appeared in over 140 films and TV series over his career. Some of his notable credits include Land of Plenty, Stripes, City Limits, Nixon as well as co-starring with Sam Page in Point Pleasant.

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