Adam Elshafei

Adam Elshafei

Early Life and Education

Adam Elshafei discovered his artistic ability at a very early age, prompting his parents to encourage his pursuit. Encouraged by them and motivated by their encouragement, he graduated with both an undergraduate degree from Sudan University and master’s degree from University of Michigan – studying abroad included spending two years among Umbororo tribe of Sudan who lead nomadic lifestyles; Adam found them very friendly and this inspired him to use his talent helping others. Currently he operates Aesthetica Chicago and Cosmesurge Dubai where they provide signature procedures including non-invasive rhinoplasty, full face rejuvenation as well as other non-invasive treatments for non-invasive procedures such as non-invasive rhinoplasty or full face rejuvenation among many other non-invasive treatments available.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Elshafei has made great strides in his professional career as a physician specializing in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. Trained under internationally-recognized physicians, Adam provides various services including rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation and non-invasive cosmetic enhancements; traveling internationally providing care to patients. Furthermore, in 2016 Adam won Arab Idol which is truly an honor.

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