Adam Enders

The Illustrious Adam Enders

Enders is an assistant political-science professor at the University of Louisville and conducts research on conspiracy beliefs, misinformation dissemination, political extremism and racial prejudice. He holds both a Ph.D in political science from Michigan State University as well as a B.A in political science and public policy from Albion College.

Early Life and Education

Adams-Ender was born Clara Mae Leach on July 11, 1939, in Willow Springs, North Carolina and was raised on a tobacco farm by her parents Otha and Caretha Bell Sapp Leach. Although they worked tirelessly to provide for their family, Otha and Caretha Bell Sapp Leach knew it was essential for Adams-Ender to get an education so she could break free from agriculture.

As a young woman, she attended North Carolina A & T State University where she earned her nursing degree. Following graduation, she was commissioned as second lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps.

She first completed an Army Nurse Corps orientation course at Fort Sam Houston before moving on to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. for further teaching nursing courses before enrolling at Army Command and General Staff College where she became the first female graduate with a master’s degree in military arts and sciences.

Professional Career

Adam Enders has been an avid sports fan since he was in his preteens. When not reading or playing poker, his favorite activity is going on family outings to the racetrack; one such trip annually can last several hours! One of Adam’s personal racing cars he calls his Old School Sled/Dragster is often accompanying him – and has even taken to taking his dog along! In his professional life he has held several high profile positions with skyscraper offices where his office sits proudly atop. Additionally he amassed quite an array of trinkets over time as well!

Achievement and Honors

Adam began playing bass at 10 and has grown up as part of a family who were professional musicians, traveling and performing all across Europe.

He has drawn musical influences from various genres and cultures throughout his life and is extremely passionate about the entire field of music – as well as writing and producing songs.

He has collaborated with numerous top artists and was nominated for a Grammy. Additionally, he serves as the Executive Music Producer of FOX’s hit television show Glee.

He produced multiple original songs for the show that have gone on to reach iTunes Top Songs chart and has written its anthem “Don’t Stop Believin.” Additionally, this year he will be working on Disney film Descendants.

Personal Life

Adam Enders will always be remembered fondly in Allegany County history as one of its great players and athletes. A three-sport star at Belfast High School, Adam helped lead them to their first Section V championship since 1980 while becoming one of Allegany County’s all-time scoring leaders along the way.

On his journey to becoming one of the best scorers, Belfast senior John Hennessy encountered several notable advantages. Not least among them was playing for legendary coach Joe Hennessy; as part of this great achievement he bested Jason Amore’s school record for most points scored in one game; an achievement which will live long in memory.

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