Adam Fires

Adam Fires

Adam is a certified Fire and Explosion Investigator through the National Association of Fire Investigators. He specializes in investigating vehicles and motorized equipment as well as structure fire causes and origins.

He has conducted and assisted in hundreds of structure fire investigations and holds a Masters in Engineering from the University of Alberta.

Early Life and Education

Adam Fires was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, making him an invaluable member of his community.

He is currently serving as the Mountain Brook Fire Department’s Deputy Fire Marshal, with duties that include public safety education, fire cause determination, inspections and code enforcement.

Adam derives his name from the Hebrew word adamah, which can be loosely translated as “earth.”

According to both Priestly (P) and Yahwist (J) versions of Genesis (Genesis 1-5), God created humans in his image; they were instructed to produce fruitful and multiply, dominating over earth as He saw fit before being expelled from Eden after eating from its Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Professional Career

Adam Fires has dedicated his career to public safety and held several key roles. These included fire chief/commissioner, state/city emergency management director, incident commander, hazardous materials team leader, paramedic, technical rescuer, wildland/structural firefighter swiftwater rescuer as well as being an instructor for hazardous materials training/instruction.

Adam has also worked extensively in education. He served as both teacher and instructional leader in Colorado before being hired as elementary school leader at Quakertown Elementary School in Pennsylvania.

Adam loves traveling, biking, running and eating delicious food in his free time. Some of his favorite places include Mexico beaches and Colorado mountains; moreover he enjoys taking family trips all around the world for adventures that allow them to connect with people and share their stories.

Achievement and Honors

Adam fires have achieved much during their years of service. Above all, however, they have been able to make a meaningful difference for others both locally and worldwide.

They have accomplished this through volunteerism and taking initiative themselves, while showing other employees how to take advantage of new technology to enhance working conditions and increase efficiency.

These firefighting professionals have demonstrated the capabilities of modern firefighting equipment, always willing to try something new and play an influential role as role models for their peers and teaching others what it means to be true professionals. What’s more, all are truly talented individuals!

Personal Life

Adam describes himself as an independent family man who appreciates travel, food, photography and meeting new people. Additionally, Adam loves riding motorcycles and practicing Tai Kwon Do.

Adam is an award-winning journalist who has covered some of the most impactful and controversial stories in American history, such as being one of the first reporters to cover both the San Bernardino Terror Attack and Las Vegas Attack.

He covered many topics related to the FBI scandal and DOJ unmasking controversy – one of only two reporters to remain on the ground in Florida during Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Net Worth

Net worth refers to the total value of an individual’s assets. Achieving a high net worth can enable individuals to make substantial amounts of money if they possess sufficient investment knowledge and are capable of investing their savings wisely.

There are several celebrities who have amassed millions in wealth through their music careers and investments or property purchases.

Adam Fires is no exception; he has created an award-winning blog which is considered to be among the world’s most profitable bloggers. Through hard work and dedication he has managed to become a self-made millionaire.

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