Adam Frank

Adam Frank

Adam Frank is an expert on high-energy density physics, space exploration and missions, intelligent life forms in the universe and climate change – among many other subjects.

He is a popular media commentator and the author of four popular books advocating for the beauty and truthfulness of science while opposing denialist perspectives.

Early Life and Education

Frank was born in Hamburg, Germany to Sephardic Jewish families that had resided there for over 200 years.

His parents wanted him to follow in their footsteps and pursue banking, but from an early age, he dedicated himself entirely to science. At thirteen, for instance, he visited a municipal physics laboratory to learn about Roentgen’s X-ray photography [Box 21, folder 9].

At Miami University (OH), Dr. Davis earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership & Change Theory before serving as high school teacher and administrator before becoming principal at Palmer Ridge High School in Monument, Colorado.

Professional Career

Adam Franck is an award-winning lawyer specializing in private equity and corporate mergers and acquisitions. He represents leading private equity firms as well as strategic investors across various industries and transactions.

Adam is well known for his dedication to client relationships and delivering results throughout a transaction lifecycle. Additionally, his expertise extends into cross-border transactions, private/public mergers/acquisitions/asset management/liquidity events.

He is a familiar presence on network news shows and segments. Additionally, he considers himself an “evangelist of science”, regularly writing about subjects such as intelligent life forms in the universe, high energy density physics, space exploration missions and climate change.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Frank is a professor of physics at the University of Rochester and regularly comments on astronomy and cosmology on television and radio programs both locally and nationally. Furthermore, he writes articles for Scientific American and The Washington Post magazines.

His achievements span 15 years and include winning the first court case ever against Denver’s parks exclusion directive, leading to major wins for people arrested while camping in public spaces; and working alongside ACLU Colorado to challenge laws which violate state and federal constitutional rights.

As an active volunteer with LYRIC (Learn Your Rights in Colorado), he instructs Denver area high schoolers on their constitutional rights and how to assert them most efficiently. Furthermore, he serves as a performing arts professional.

Personal Life

Adam Franck is an astrophysicist at the University of Rochester renowned for his contributions in high energy-density physics. Additionally, his field of expertise entails star formation and evolution studies as well as developing supercomputer tools for simulating spacetime simulation.

Self-described as an “evangelist for science,” he is committed to sharing its beauty and power while exploring its role in culture. He frequently writes and presents talks on subjects including high energy physics, space exploration and missions, climate change and intelligent life in the universe.

He has written several books, most recently Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of Earth (WW Norton 2018). His debut publication The Constant Fire: Beyond the Science vs Religion Debate (University of California Press 2009) explored this relationship between religion and science.

Net Worth

Adam Frank is a well-known American Astronomer estimated to be worth between $1-5 Million, born August 1st 1962.

He is father to Jenna Frank, also an actress.

Once graduated from college, he worked on Wall Street trading stocks for one year until an accidental encounter with a casting director led him into appearing in a beer commercial and ultimately landing a position with his father-in-law’s family business in El Paso.

He is also co-founder of NPR’s 13.7: Cosmos and Culture blog and author of multiple books on science and religion.

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