Adam Fujita

Adam Fujita

Adam Fujita is a highly accomplished Painter, Product Designer, and Artist best known for his political street art works that incorporate neon neon.

He has used neon style artworks to address gender issues, police brutality, women’s rights issues and nativism around the globe. Additionally, he has collaborated with some of the biggest global brands including Spotify, FUKU Champion Shake Shack NETS to name just a few.

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Professional Career

Adam Fujita is an artist and product designer known for creating provocative neon street art since the 1990s. Based out of Brooklyn, New York –

His work has been seen around the globe to support various social issues including racial disparities, police brutality, women’s rights, nativism and more. Additionally, his commercial ventures include partnerships with major brands such as Spotify, FUKU Champion Shake Shack Brooklyn NETS Cartier Monster Energy.

He is well-known for his podcast My Life in Letters, where he interviews graffiti writers around the globe about their experiences as part of this cultural subset. Additionally, he’s currently creating a mural as part of Capital Walls program in Albany, NY.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Fujita is not only one of the premier figures for design innovation; he’s one-of-a-kind too. Among his notable achievements are numerous awards and accolades from patents to art exhibits and an assortment of collaborators – the list goes on! You won’t just find techies at his events; not only can you find racquetball enthusiasts here too – not to mention an avid whiskey drinker too – not forgetting entertaining racquetball enthusiasts such as himself who offer loads of socialization! Adam Fujita will keep everyone laughing; you won’t know when you encounter him!

Personal Life

Adam Fujita has an immense desire to make the world a better place through graffiti culture and art. Through it all, his art addresses social justice issues such as gender inequality, police violence against women, corporate greed and racism worldwide – among many other causes.

He is a product designer and artist living in Brooklyn, New York. He earned an MFA in Product Design from SVA’s Products of Design department and began making artwork using spray paint as early as 1992 during his youth in San Francisco; soon thereafter writing graffiti.

His signature neon style has long been an expression of protest and activism, pushing social justice issues into the forefront of his themed work while adding nostalgic charm. His neon style street art around the globe addresses gender issues, police brutality, women’s equality issues and more – addressing themes such as police brutality, women’s equality issues and even nationalism!

Net Worth

Adam Fujita, a painter and product designer renowned for his politically charged neon graffiti, has seen his works featured by brands such as Dr. Martens, Coach, and Uber.

He began writing graffiti as a teenager in San Francisco, and has been doing it ever since. Now living and working in New York City.

Fujita is an outspoken activist who relentlessly champions social justice through his work, including gender issues, police violence, women’s rights issues, corporate greed and nativism. Additionally, his passion is in educating the public through public art projects; additionally he hosts My Life in Letters podcast where he interviews prominent graffiti writers about their experiences within their culture.

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