Adam Herbs

Adam Herbs – Herbalist and Homeopathic Nurse Practitioner

Herbs are an easy and delicious way to add color and flavour to your cooking without adding fat or salt, while providing additional health-benefiting properties.

Adam and Eve are two key ingredients in our Garden of Eden range of two-part plant nutrient mixes, designed specifically to address vegetative and flowering stages across a broad pH range. Use Adam & Eve nutrient mixes during vegetative growth stages for maximum plant absorption!

Early Life and Education

Birth to eight years are an incredibly formative period in any child’s development. At this stage of growth, their brains develop more quickly than at any other time of life and the foundations for social skills, self-esteem, understanding of the world and moral perspectives are laid down.

Adams earned both his undergraduate degree at Colorado College and Ph.D. from UC Santa Cruz in History of Consciousness, becoming President of Colby College along the way.

Adams has championed the idea that humanities are essential components of education and civic life. Additionally, he has worked to increase access to arts education programs. Furthermore, his office invested in technical assistance that allows states to measure outcomes of early intervention programs for preschool special education.

Achievement and Honors

Adam specializes in herbalism as an additional path to health and wellness challenges and is an advocate of low dose/high potency herbs. Additionally, he enjoys backyard beekeeping, gardening and building his public speaking skills through Toastmasters International. Adam was honored to receive the Joanna Reed Award which recognizes those who have written scholarly studies of herbs while making contributions to Herb Society of America in any capacity.

Personal Life

Herb’s casual demeanor belies his incredible gift for reading people and situations. Furthermore, he possesses remarkable resources with an uncanny capacity for planning. A natural leader with an approachable manner, Herb can prove invaluable when disaster strikes.

After witnessing an attack by rocket propelled grenades on a nearby neighbourhood, Herb and Adam convince themselves to use older noncomputerized vehicles they have found to patrol Eden Mills and discover that rogue military forces have infiltrated their community.

Adam leaves behind his beloved wife Beth Storm Rule and four sons Charles, James, Samuel, and Thomas as well as loving siblings Nick and Kimber Rule and their children and nephews; as well as many cherished friends and coworkers whom will miss him dearly. We shall miss him dearly.

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