Adam Herrmann

Adam Herrmann, the 11-Year-Old Missing Kid From Kansas, Has a Twitter Account

Doug and Valerie Herrman failed to report Adam missing when he disappeared from their home in 1999, telling relatives that they had spanked him after which state officials may take custody of his three younger siblings back.

Authorities are investigating claims by an individual identifying themselves as Adam who opened up a Twitter account and posted videos to YouTube.

Early Life and Education

Adam was placed into foster care by the state when he was two years old, and eventually adopted by Doug and Valerie Herrman of Derby, Kansas, receiving an adoption subsidy from their government for Adam as well as two younger siblings.

Adam Herrman disappeared without trace on April 7, 2005 and only came to light when his sister contacted law enforcement in 2008. That led to an investigation of his parents, who have admitted illegally collecting state adoption subsidies after Adam vanished.

Authorities conducted searches at both their later home in Derby and 1999 mobile home park where they resided, including searching the Whitewater River. Their investigations turned up no evidence of wrongdoing, although a Twitter user named Adam claimed he was victimized by human trafficking; however, police do not believe he is Adam.

Professional Career

An individual claiming to be Adam Herrmann from Kansas has been making public claims of missingeness on Twitter and YouTube, according to Sheriff Ed Johnson of Johnson County in Kansas. But the sheriff insists the claims are false.

Herrmann went missing in 1999 from his adoptive parents, Doug and Valerie. According to reports in Wichita Eagle, they believed he ran away because he was upset about being spanked.

Warner Eisenbise, their attorney, stated his clients did not harm Adam. Valerie Herrman did not report Adam’s disappearance because she feared losing custody of her other children. After a tip from the state in 2008, authorities conducted another search of Adam’s mobile home where he resided; specifically searching the bathroom.

Achievement and Honors

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KAKE reported that Irvin Groeninger from Newburgh received an unexpected call from investigators in Kansas who are searching for Adam Herrman, his missing son since 1999.

Sheriff Kelly Herzet recently indicated that a Twitter account claiming to be Herrman is likely false, as its author briefly worked at the Butler County Jail several years prior and declined to be interviewed by authorities. Furthermore, two videos have also been posted online by this purported account purporting to represent Herrman.

Personal Life

Adam Herman has performed with Blues Traveler, Trampled By Turtles and Bill Kirchen; two albums were also recorded under his band name Road Beneath the Wheel. Herman’s music conveys aspects of human experience with its sound resembling both Jason Isbell’s inward reflections and Chris Stapleton’s soulful performances.

The sheriff’s office stated it does not favor one side or the other of a case of missing person or death, but could result in charges against the Herrmans for alleged abuse before his disappearance and failure to report his loss. Detectives responded to an out-of-state tip by spending several hours digging in their Towanda mobile home lot where they lived; assisted by anthropology specialists and scent dogs during this search process.

Net Worth

Adam Herrman disappeared from Kansas and into foster care custody in 1999; since his disappearance a Twitter account has been set up to broadcast his claims. Authorities are currently reviewing this account.

Doug and Valerie Herrman were charged with child abuse following a report alleging that they tied an 11-year-old to a bathroom faucet, suspended him from the ceiling, and spanked him with belts. Due to these allegations they lost custody of both of their younger children as well as leaving Towanda Mobile Home Park altogether.

Investigators conducted searches at both homes of the Herrmans – their current residence in Derby and, on January 24th, scouring the east bank of the Whitewater River near where they lived in Towanda with assistance from former sheriff’s department personnel and an anthropology expert, Murphy said.

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