Adam Mordecai

Adam Mordecai, Attorney at Law

Adam Mordecai works to find an equitable resolution to client disputes through mediation, arbitration or trial. He specializes in personal injury, civil litigation and insurance coverage matters.

Through an intricate network of allusions and biblical allusions, Esther and Daniel weave Joseph into an eschatological messianic typology which extends beyond Israel to include Mordecai as both Joseph and Adam II.

Early Life and Education

Adam Mordecai attended the University of Richmond School of Law where he earned his juris doctor degree. Since 2006, he has been practicing law. Adam currently ranks among New Hampshire’s top attorneys specializing in civil litigation matters with extensive legal experience across a range of fields.

Mordecai has always been involved with Jewish education. He has held various leadership roles within this field, such as national program chair of the Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education and faculty of Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.

Deborah Schein, an early childhood Judaics professor, and him collaborated in creating “The 100 Languages of Children Meet the 70 Faces of Torah” seminar series designed to facilitate Jewish learning throughout life’s stages. These seminars aim to build frameworks for life-long Jewish study.

Professional Career

Adam Mordecai, a partner at Morrison Mahoney in Manchester, New Hampshire. His legal expertise includes personal injury law, civil litigation and insurance coverage disputes. His success includes successfully trying cases before judges and juries to verdict as well as representing clients in complex business and commercial litigation relating to automobile collisions that led to injuries.

Luke Fickell and the Badgers could make an impressive acquisition in Mordecai by signing him to their quarterback room alongside redshirt freshman Cole LaCrue, sophomore Chase Wolf and junior Preston Stone. Mordecai would provide them with both experience and multiple young, high-upside options that Phil Longo’s air raid offense can utilize in 2023.

He amassed more than 3,500 yards per season over the last two seasons while recording 72 touchdowns and 22 interceptions.

Achievement and Honors

Jacob Mordecai successfully navigated his family into North and South American life with great distinction, managing auctions for Haym Salomon of New York silversmith fame before founding Warrenton Female Academy with Emma as teacher/administrator in 1809. Rebecca Mears Myers managed the Spring Farm located near Richmond that employed African slave labor; some Mordecais privately voiced concerns, yet supported the racist status quo of antebellum Southern life despite considerable challenges to both ideals.

Esther and Mordecai serve as an enduring reminder to stand up for what you believe in, even when it is difficult.

Personal Life

Adam Mordecai of Denver serves as Editor-at-Large for Upworthy, an online content aggregator website which shares stories, videos and photos about social issues. Additionally, he serves on several nonprofit boards and advocates for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and social justice.

Jacob Mordecai and Judith Myers Mordecai immigrated from England to America during the early 18th century. Once settled in Philadelphia, his family joined Kahal Kadosh Mikveh Israel – Philadelphia’s sole synagogue at that time – for worship services.

He has vast jury trial experience relating to personal injury claims, business and insurance litigation. He has successfully represented clients in auto collision cases, premises liability cases and construction disputes; as well as successfully arguing to have plaintiff’s experts excluded at Daubert hearings for lead poisoning cases.

Net Worth

Adam Mordecai is an esteemed lawyer known for his expertise and professional work ethic. He specializes in various areas of legal matters including Personal Injury-General Defense and Civil Litigation-Defense cases. He has extensive experience representing businesses large and small, insurance companies and individuals. He has litigated cases before both state and federal courts, such as jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations and administrative hearings. He currently holds the title of Partner at Morrison Mahoney LLP in Manchester, New Hampshire and also acts as Editor-at-Large of Upworthy; an online media platform which shares stories and videos related to social issues like climate change, poverty, women’s rights and more.

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