Adam Mosher

Adam Mosher

Early Life and Education

Adam was born and raised in New York City. He earned a full scholarship from State University of New York at Albany and has held several positions within state and local government.

He works in various fields, such as public finance and healthcare, with special expertise in diagnostic decision-making/error and disparities in healthcare delivery systems.

Adam loves taking walks around East Rock with Bitsie Growler, his French Bulldog. In addition, he enjoys strumming his guitar and writing children’s songs in his free time.

He has collaborated with various global health institutions and non-profits. He has helped transform vaccine supply in developing countries while participating in expert consultations on an array of infectious disease topics. Furthermore, he frequently speaks at industry events.

Professional Career

He has served as lead trial counsel in significant class actions, computer hacking and invasion of privacy allegations as well as cases involving real estate, insurance bad faith, construction defects and trademarks. Additionally, he is a published author.

Mosher co-founded Global Intelligence Inc of Fredericton as a cyber forensic company to serve law enforcement and government entities, but now provides similar services for private businesses to protect their organizational practices, supply chains and next-generation technologies against cyber criminals.

He has long been an ardent supporter of Chinese dissident communities, serving on the board of China Concern Foundation as well as Claremont Institute’s Asian Study Center and US Commission on Broadcasting to China. Additionally, he is author of multiple books related to China.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Mosher is an award-winning student who has demonstrated exceptional achievement both during his undergraduate and graduate studies. Adam was recognized at the SEG Honors and Awards Convocation held at its Annual Meeting each spring to recognize students making significant contributions to geophysics.

Mosher has earned seven Northeast-10 Academic Honor Roll qualifiers and two SAAC co-vice president awards, in addition to working on an NIH grant to study cognitive aging and rural-urban disparities.

He earned an Appalachia Service Project Staff Scholarship that acknowledges their voluntary service as a sacrifice that limits their ability to finance their education. Additionally, he took leadership roles within Special Olympics Vermont and Athletes Supporting Athletes.

Personal Life

Mosher was raised on a farm near Oneonta, N.Y. where her father encouraged her scientific interests by taking her with him on his medical rounds and teaching her botany. While he feared college might strain young women’s health, Mosher nonetheless saved up tuition money and attended Wellesley as a freshman student.

Mosher’s 1890s survey of women as an undergraduate biology major at Wisconsin and later Stanford became a treasure trove for scholars. It defied popular perception that Victorian women knew little of sexuality or desired it only occasionally.

Mosher lived in the Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont. This rugged region features jagged mountains, glacial lakes and hill farms where residents often live close to nature. She was an enthusiastic supporter of independent bookstores and cultural institutions in her area.

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