Adam Plummer

Adam Plummer

Adam Plummer is a criminal defense attorney with expertise in high-stakes cases and offers his clients an innovative approach to litigation – including trial focus groups.

Adam continues to experience hallucinations but gradually improves. He learns to cook better, develops meaningful relationships with Robyn and Chuck and feels less alienated by society; yet his threshold problem persists and he fears people pity him.

Early Life and Education

Adam Plummer is an attorney and founder of LV Focus Groups, a trial preparation firm which conducts focus groups for both criminal and civil cases. LV Focus Groups was one of the pioneers in using focus groups for trial preparation, having been featured on multiple television programs as an industry innovator.

Charlie Plummer makes an outstanding impression as Adam, conveying the anxiety and helplessness associated with schizophrenia in an engaging performance. Molly Parker shines as Beth, an individual dedicated to researching the illness by taking Adam to every specialist available and enrolling him in clinical drug trials. Also featured in the cast are Walton Goggins as Paul (Beth’s live-in partner who clashes with Adam), Walton Goggins as Paul (Paul’s live-in boyfriend who conflicts with Adam), Andy Garcia as Father Patrick (a warm priest), Walton Goggins as Paul (Paul’s live-in boyfriend who often clashes with Adam), Walton Goggins as Paul (Beth’s live-in boyfriend who clashes with Adam), and Andy Garcia as Father Patrick (an energetic priest who warmly accepts both roles).

Professional Career

Adam Plumer is an attorney renowned for defending some of the world’s most notorious criminals and conducting trial focus groups to assist his clients achieve optimal outcomes for their cases. This research has produced some very high profile results.

Plumer is a family man, dedicating much of his free time with his wife and children. Additionally, he’s a passionate sports fan – playing golf and running are among his many interests.

At the top of his resume, Plumer provides his name and contact information so recruiters can verify his credentials quickly and reach him easily. In addition to that information, he includes a professional summary that details why he wants to become a plumber; this section can include up to two sentences that showcases his top skills and qualifications.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Plumer stands out in both professional and educational spheres; both his achievements at Suffern High School as a National Merit Scholar Finalist are impressive. Adam is among the top scorers nationally on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, garnering National Merit Scholar Finalist status.

Reverend Fowler joined politicians, educators, and military men in petitioning that Chaplain Plummer’s discharge from the Army be upgraded from dishonorable to honorable; an effort that ultimately succeeded over two centuries after initial conviction.

Personal Life

Plummer currently resides in Las Vegas with his wife and four children, where he co-founded LV Focus Groups – a company which conducts trial focus groups for attorneys – as he represents high-profile defendants such as cybercrime defendants and Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

Plummer has explained that playing Adam brought many insights to his understanding of schizophrenia. He agrees with director Thor Freudenthal’s decision to depict Adam’s visual hallucinations scenes because it helps convey what it’s like experiencing them first-hand. Furthermore, he spoke to people suffering from schizophrenia who acknowledged intellectually that their hallucinations isn’t real, yet still experience them vividly moment by moment despite this understanding. As an advocate of treating people suffering from schizophrenia with both therapy and medication treatments.

Net Worth

Plummer currently possesses an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million. He earned this fortune as a successful entrepreneur.

Plummer is best known for his roles on television shows like Boardwalk Empire and Granite Flats. Most recently, in 2019, he featured as Miles “Pudge” Halter in Hulu miniseries Looking for Alaska.

Adam L Plummer serves as a Managing Director at Coastal Cloud, established in 2012 with an estimated workforce of 202 based out of Austin. Adam receives an annual salary of $56,877 as an employee at this company; previously employed at Rock Creek.

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