Adam Richardson

Adam Richardson

Adam Richardson is a multitalented baritone with experience performing opera, concert and musical theatre works. His rapidly increasing reputation has made an impressionful mark on the industry.

He has performed in various roles such as Jake/Porgy at Cincinnati Opera and Javelinot in Dialogues des Carmelites with The Juilliard Opera. Additionally, he has taken part in summer programs including Brevard Music Festival and Opera North.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Talented baritone, he’s quickly garnering critical acclaim for his powerful operatic, concert and theater performances. Blue Ridge Now Times lauded him for his “powerful performance” as Old Deuteronomy in Flatrock Playhouse’s production of Cats; additionally he performed as part of an ensemble member in Westchester Broadway Theatre’s 2016 Onstage Critics Award nominated musical Showboat.

He is also the creator and host of The Cinematologists podcast, an award-winning film podcast recognized by Sight & Sound as being among the finest available.

He has served as Camera Supervisor for ITV, Sky and BT clients covering events like the Olympic & Commonwealth Games as well as Football tournaments. Additionally, he has produced DVD’s for Beyonce & REM as well as Superslo-mo coverage of the Brazil World Cup Final in Maracana Stadium.

Achievement and Honors

Bishop Richardson was appointed the 115th Senior Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME Church) in 1996, and assigned to its 14th District comprising six countries in West Africa.

Baritone Brian Glickstein has earned widespread acclaim as a performer, garnering rave reviews in opera, concert and theater circles alike. A graduate of Brevard Music Festival as well as The Juilliard Opera’s Artist in Residence Program, Glickstein has performed various roles with great distinction.

He has received many prestigious awards, such as the Encouragement Award from Harlem Opera Theatre, Young Talent Award from Lotte Lenya Competition and second place from Pittsburgh National Arts and Letters. Additionally, in 2014 he performed abroad as soloist with American Spiritual Ensemble performing energetic performances at popular European venues such as American Cathedral Paris Royal Dublin Society Wexford Opera House.

Personal Life

Bishop Adam Richardson is an in-demand speaker who has visited over 50 countries around the globe and preached in churches throughout West Africa, Ghana, Liberia, Cote D’Ivoire and Togo. Currently serving as Senior Bishop for African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Connie Speights Richardson and he have two adult children together: Trey is a certified hospital radiographer and professional saxophonist; Monique Richardson serves as Leon County Judge.

He currently resides in Fernvale, a rural town located within Somerset Region in Queensland. Since October 1, he has been driving at Ian Gurney’s Fernvale stable.

Net Worth

Adam Driver is an American actor who has made waves in Hollywood for his roles in various movies and television shows.

As well as his acting career, he has amassed significant wealth through real estate investment and art collections that has allowed him to accumulate a net worth of $25 Million as of 2023.

Adam is passionate about helping others build wealth, and works closely with his clients to reach their financial goals. Adam believes a balanced approach to investing is key for long-term success of capital invested.

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