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Adam Rockefeller Growald

Adam Rockefeller Growald is an investor, advisor, philosopher and philanthropist dedicated to encouraging the joyful realization of human potential. A systems thinker and optimist who draws wisdom traditions as inspiration, Adam seeks to transform business strategy, organizational culture and interpersonal relationships through paradigm shifting strategies and innovative evolutions.

He is an author, speaker and member of two boards – Growald Climate Fund and David Rockefeller Fund. For over 10 years now he has studied philosophy and wisdom traditions extensively, earning himself a BA degree in Philosophy from Princeton University.

Early Life and Education

Adam Rockefeller was born into a modest income family in 1839 and lived at home until he reached 14 years old.

At 16 he decided to leave school and enroll in Folsom’s Commercial College of Cleveland, Ohio for a 10-week business course that taught single and double entry bookkeeping, penmanship, mercantile customs, banking as well as customary law.

After graduating, Rockefeller entered into partnership with Maurice Clark and formed the commission merchant business.

Clark & Rockefeller was an immediate success; within 1859 they opened a second location in Lima, Ohio, becoming one of the leading commission merchants nationwide by 1860.

Professional Career

Young Rockefeller left Ohio’s rural countryside for Cleveland in search of employment and was eventually offered an assistant bookkeeper position at Hewitt & Tuttle produce company.

He loved his first job and took pride in keeping the ledger books organized, taking long days and hours to impress his superiors. His dedication was evident as his superiors appreciated all he was accomplishing for them.

At first intrigued by the oil business, he established Standard Oil. Soon he amassed competitors until eventually dominating regional refining business with his firm. Additionally, Rockefeller established The Rockefeller Foundation which provided financial support for many charitable causes and institutions.

Achievement and Honors

Rockefeller was known for his great wealth and generosity, yet was extremely humble person. He was deeply committed to both family and faith.

He was a visionary who forever altered how people viewed business and modern entrepreneurship. Among his accomplishments was Standard Oil – one of the first successful oil companies – as well as his philanthropy which created many charitable organizations.

His keen business acumen enabled him to see past illusions and put in systems that worked for him regardless of cost, regardless of any personal issues that might get in his way. Instead, he employed his principles as the cornerstone for success.

Personal Life

Rockefeller was noted throughout his life for maintaining exceptional self-control. According to Ron Chernow, Rockefeller had the ability to remain composed in times of crisis, never allowing his emotions or desires divert him from pursuing his goals.

As a result of his disciplined approach, he developed an enormous sense of purpose that drove his drive to build an empire. Beyond business success and donation to worthy causes, his dedication also extended into charitable giving.

He developed a healthy respect for those around him and attempted to suppress his ego when it came to giving. Although he supported various facilities through donations, he rarely visited these institutions to avoid drawing too much attention away from their good works.

Net Worth

Rockefeller amassed his fortune through the success of his Standard Oil Trust Company, which once controlled 90% of all oil in the U.S. He also pioneered using railroad transportation to monetize his oil.

As a result of his success, Rockefeller became one of the richest men in America and acquired vast amounts of real estate across the nation.

Philanthropically, he was also highly successful. Donating to many causes including being on the boards of trustees at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Yad Hanadiv and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

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