Adam Rosengard

Adam Rosengard, Attorney at Rosengard Law Group

Adam Rosengard is a highly-recommended personal injury attorney, having successfully represented clients in multiple cases. Based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and affiliated with Rosengard Law Group, Adam represents clients involved with injuries that range from minor ones to those which cause lifelong impairment.

He completed his juris doctorate law degree from Rutgers University where he served as both a certified clinical practitioner and in the Children’s Justice Clinic, as well as an externship with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Early Life and Education

Adam Rosengard is an established attorney with experience at several prestigious law firms. After working in personal injury suits of varying severity for years, Adam decided to launch Rosengard Law Group to offer relief to injured parties – from small injuries up to life-altering incidents. Adam believes it’s important for injured people to receive adequate compensation, so this was his motivation in creating it.

Rutgers School of Law was where he earned his Juris Doctorate Law Degree, where he achieved certification as a clinic practitioner serving with the Children’s Justice Clinic and helping underprivileged neighborhoods register as voters through their Voter’s Rights Project.

He has extensive experience handling a range of cases, such as medical malpractice, car accidents and workplace injuries. Additionally, he is a member of both the Philadelphia Bar Association and American Bar Association.

Professional Career

Rosengard is a strong champion for his clients and takes great care to ensure that their cases are managed in accordance with their expectations. He has experience handling personal injury cases relating to medical negligence, car accidents, slip and falls, workplace injuries and sexual assault as well as others.

His mentor, Souter, remains an integral figure in Rosengart’s life and career – acting as both a motivating factor and guide during times when needed. Souter, who preferred not being in the limelight (he didn’t even know who Britney Spears was!), taught Rosengart what it takes to become an attorney.

Adam earned his Juris Doctorate Law Degree from Rutgers School of Law – Camden. While in law school, Adam served as a certified clinical practitioner working with juvenile clients at Children’s Justice Clinic. Additionally, he interned at Philadelphia District Attorney’s office.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Rosengard, founder of Rosengard Law Group and an award-winning personal injury attorney. His accomplishments have been recognized by the American Association of Justice, Avvo, Martindale Hubbell, National Trial Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America within just 2 months. Adam created an injury law firm that emphasizes flexibility, high attention to detail and strong work ethics – handling everything from minor to catastrophic personal injuries.

Personal Life

Adam Rosengard is the founder and leader of Rosengard Law Group, an award-winning personal injury law firm which has earned multiple distinctions and certifications in personal injury litigation. With an advanced juris doctorate from Rutgers School of Law- Camden he has received praise from local and national publications for his high profile cases, creating an innovative law firm capable of handling both minor injuries as well as more severe ones.

He works tirelessly on behalf of his clients to secure maximum settlement compensation, earning certifications from American Association of Justice, Avvo, Martindale Hubbell and The National Trial Lawyers. Understanding that injuries can alter lives drastically, he treats each client like family and provides them with peace of mind knowing their case is being managed by experienced attorneys.

Net Worth

Adam Rosengard is an award-winning attorney practicing in Cherry Hill. Specializing in legal representation for various issues throughout New Jersey, he takes great pride in upholding the standards of legal practice while acting in his clients’ best interest.

He specializes in Personal Injury: General: Plaintiff and Civil Litigation cases involving car accidents, motor vehicle crashes and other complex matters. With a Juris Doctorate Law Degree from Rutgers School of Law- Camden and licensed to practice before New Jersey courts.

Adam Rosengard is well-known for representing victims of workplace injuries. With the assistance of his team, they have successfully recovered millions in compensation for their clients. Rosengard Law Group offers extensive experience handling a range of personal injury cases related to medical negligence, slip and fall accidents, wrongful deaths and auto accidents among others.

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