Adam S2A

Adam S2A – A Two-Way Active Studio Monitor

The Adam S2A near-field studio monitor features a two-way design featuring a HexaCone woofer with unique material to provide stiffer yet lighter dynamics for natural-sounding dynamics. An ART tweeter completes the system.

The ART tweeter features a folded ribbon design. Its fast response times and excellent transient response provide for fast response times even at high sound pressure levels.

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Adam Audio S2A two-way active monitor utilizes innovative state of the art technology. Equipped with an incredibly transparent HexaCone woofer which remains stable across frequencies and sound pressure levels for incredible, transparent reproduction of sounds, making this monitor one of the ideal models for near field applications.

The S2A studio monitor features front panel controls for power, input sensitivity and tweeter level adjustment, making it suitable for near field, midfield, or surround monitoring applications.

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