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Adam Seeds is One of the Richest People in the World

Adam Alexander has been collecting heirloom seeds for more than 30 years from markets all around the world.

He maintains a small garden in Wales that grows about 100 varieties at any given time, as well as collecting seeds from seed banks across North America and Europe.

Early Life and Education

Adam Seeds was born in Devon, England and learned organic gardening from his parents at home. Beginning his market garden journey during the late ’70s he eventually realized that growing for fun rather than commercial gain was more satisfying and pursued it instead as a career choice.

His passion for horticulture has taken him around the globe in search of rare, endangered and native varieties – and building a library full of them! Additionally, he’s passionate about protecting seeds and biodiversity within food crops from regions where conflict or changing farming practices threaten their existence.

He is working to support various communities to grow cultural crops wherever space allows. Additionally, his passion lies with Greek culture; he travels regularly to Elinitsa village in Greece in order to learn about his grandparents and ancestors’ heritage.

Professional Career

Adam is a producer of gardening and food programs in the UK who has dedicated himself to collecting, growing, and sharing endangered and culturally significant seeds for over three decades. Additionally, Adam serves on Garden Organic’s board as well as writing and lecturing on genetic diversity conservation for edible crops.

Adam has been cultivating crops ever since he could remember, first as part of a market garden in Devon, England and later for personal satisfaction. Soon enough he realized his life could become even more fulfilling by farming food for pleasure rather than profit.

Now, he focuses on conserving the diversity of rare and exotic vegetable crops around the world, particularly those from regions affected by conflict. Each year he grows over 100 varieties of vegetables, saves seeds for Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library, and hosts lectures about conserving genetic diversity in food we eat.

Achievement and Honors

Adam has not only had an outstanding career in agriculture but has been honored for his contributions to society as a whole. Specifically, Adam was awarded both the 2020 Young Poppy Science Award and Early Career Scientist of the Year at Western Australia Premier’s Science Awards 2019.

Adam has dedicated the last five years of his research career as a restoration ecologist to studying how to promote native plant communities in ecologically challenging landscapes, such as mine tailings. This has resulted in an innovative, cost-effective solution that is helping address some of the toughest issues confronting mining today. Furthermore, Adam was honored to present at TEDx Talk and has published multiple peer reviewed scientific publications.

Personal Life

Adam Seed is a dedicated horticulturist and food activist, dedicating his life to saving seeds of endangered crops. His goal is to conserve genetic diversity among edible plants by cultivating heritage varieties like fesol de Santa Pau beans grown by his grandparents and ancestors.

Growing Home Gardens, an organization dedicated to supporting refugee and immigrant communities to produce their own food, was established by Novick Urban Farm which produces 100 different kinds of vegetables annually and shares seeds amongst local farmers.

He travels extensively around the globe sharing his expertise in cultivating heirloom varieties. According to him, gardening provides a wonderful way of connecting with nature and the people around you.

Net Worth

Reality star Adam Seed boasts an estimated net worth of $5.5 billion, making him one of the wealthiest individuals worldwide. Best known as co-founder of WeWork (now valued at over $20 billion), Adam also holds significant holdings in other businesses and real estate holdings that contribute to his fortune.

Adam Seed was featured as a contestant on season seven of MAFS when he appeared as someone looking for love. Known as a construction worker and part-time barber, Adam attempted to impress Jasmin Walia by providing her with shrimp cocktail and feta-stuffed chicken on their first date – trying to show that he could offer what she desired.

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