Adam Shakoor

Adam Shakoor, First Man, Dies at 74

Civil rights groups announced Adam Shakoor, former Detroit deputy mayor, attorney and judge who represented Rosa Parks has died at age 74.

Born Adam Caddell and attending Wayne State University for undergraduate, master’s and law degrees. While in school he converted to Islam and changed his name to Adam Shakoor.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Adam Livonia was a family man who deeply cared for his children. For over five years he worked at Gallagher Fire Equipment Team of Livonia as a mechanical installer. Additionally he served on boards such as Livonia Stevenson High School Athletic Boosters and Chamber of Commerce. Additionally he belonged to Boy Scout Troop 782 where he achieved Eagle Scout status and was recognized with a Court of Honor Award from Boy Scouts Troop 782 for achieving it. Adam will be forever missed as he leaves behind father Jerry Sr and nephew Nicolas Hurosky (Predeceased by father Jerry Sr and niece).

Personal Life

Adam Livonia was a devoted husband and father who dedicated himself to both his family and community. According to family members, Adam served as Rosa Parks’ personal attorney as well as teaching business law at Wayne County Community College before his untimely death due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident at 38. His death leaves behind his wife Elizabeth as well as children Nicholas, Daniel and Katherine as well as numerous nieces, nephews and friends; funeral services will take place this Friday at Heeney-Sundquist Funeral Home in Farmington Hills; in lieu of flowers donations can be made directly towards The National Motorcycle Safety Fund instead.

Net Worth

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