Adam Stack

Adam Stack

Adam Stack is an American podcaster, blogger and online personality best known for his popular show No Jumper that covers popular culture and hip hop music.

He is also an entrepreneur and record executive. He created the BMX website ‘The Come Up’ and established an apparel line called ONSOMESHIT.

Early Life and Education

Adam Stack was introduced to music from an early age through Snoop Dogg’s 1993 album Doggystyle and other rappers who introduced him into hip-hop culture.

After graduating from Nashua High School South, he attended the Community College of Massachusetts for one year before transferring to University of Massachusetts but deciding not to enroll due to poor academic performance.

His passion for hip-hop prompted him to launch the No Jumper podcast and video series. First launched as a blog on Tumblr in 2011, No Jumper sought to cover up-and-coming artists such as Clams Casino who were often ignored by mainstream media; also reviewed mixtapes from Gucci Mane and other tastemakers; it soon rose in popularity following interviews with Memphis rapper and prominent underground rap figure Xavier Wulf, Pouya and Fat Nick as guests.

Professional Career

Adam Stack is an esteemed commercial lawyer with extensive expertise in business and property law. He represents clients in diverse matters such as employment and business litigation, business acquisitions/sales transactions, intellectual property disputes and wills/trust disputes.

Pro Bono Work | Jonathan has also taken an active part in pro bono work. This includes representing victims of domestic violence in final restraining order hearings as well as providing non-profit organizations with legal advice regarding their issues.

He began blogging with Messages in 2011, which he continued until 2012. Revived again in 2015 and hosting a podcast on YouTube featuring interviews with underground rap artists and tastemakers such as Memphis rapper and well-known underground figure Xavier Wulf and Pouya and Fat Nick helped revive its popularity within hip-hop community.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Stack has been an outstanding athletics competitor ever since he was young, competing in various events including sprinting and high jumping. His coaches include Nelson’s Bailey Cotton and Dennis Kale.

His career has been filled with numerous honors. He earned multiple gold medals and multiple bronzes in 100m dash, long jump, shot put events as well as being part of the “Speed Freaks” sprint squad coached by Dennis Kale.

He has achieved success in Bicycle Motocross (BMX), including winning a national championship title in the U-17 Men’s Class and being honored with the National Association of Bicycle Motorcycle Riders’ Runners Up Award.

Personal Life

Adam Stack is an award-winning podcaster, blogger, social media influencer and former record executive who is best known for his pop culture- and hip hop-focused podcast No Jumper.

Personal life refers to an individual’s nonwork-related choices and preferences which define who they are as an individual, including hobbies, cultural interests, dress style and activities during leisure time.

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Net Worth

Adam Stack is an award-winning podcaster, journalist, internet personality and former record executive who is best known for his pop culture-focused podcast No Jumper.

He is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $2 Million, and YouTube plays a vital role in his income stream.

He also operates an entrepreneurial apparel business known as ONSOMESHIT from which he generates considerable funds.

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