Adam Tanenbaum

Adam Tanenbaum

Adam Tanenbaum is an attorney based in Tallahassee, Florida with expertise in resolving complex legal disputes, government enforcement actions and criminal investigations.

He is an experienced trial lawyer and appellate advocate, having successfully argued appeals in state and federal courts. His focus lies on the resolution of commercial and business disputes.

Early Life and Education

Tanenbaum was an engaged student and member of the Hackley community. He perfected his singing by joining the chorus, and his love of music continues today as evidenced by performances at NYSSMA conferences and solo concerts at Hackley – as well as plans to continue them beyond college.

Adam excelled not only as an accomplished singer but also in other areas like social work and outdoor pursuits. A graduate of GSSW Master of Social Work program for Family Systems, he now operates his own private practice in Denver incorporating experiential therapy interventions and eco-friendly practices into its practices.

He was also widely revered as a historian, writing extensively on such diverse topics as prison reform and international relations. His groundbreaking study of the Mexican Revolution (The Mexican Agrarian Revolution) set an outstanding standard.

Professional Career

Tannenbaum hails from Brooklyn and began his professional life selling safety products to major construction sites before graduating from GSSW and founding his own practice, which focused on experiential therapy interventions that combined social work interests with his love for outdoor adventure.

David successfully blends professional with personal passions by serving on the executive board of Check-In Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about suicide and continuous traumatic encephalopathy in mountain bike athletes. Additionally, he serves as adjunct faculty at GSSW where he offers eco-friendly experiential therapy courses.

Tannenbaum juggles his professional and academic life at Flatbush-Ditmas Park High School. With an avid passion for singing and the Hackley Chorus since middle school, he has participated in NYSSMA conferences as well as soloing at Hackley concerts.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Scott Tanenbaum graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in economics, earning several honors like being named valedictorian and joining Phi Beta Kappa’s hall of fame. Following law school graduation he went to Georgetown University Law Center where he obtained his Juris Doctor and shortly after was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to sit on Florida’s First District Court of Appeal before ultimately being elected as judge within its First Judicial Circuit of Florida.

He earned the GSSW’s Most Notable Senior Scholar Award, given to top graduates with individual projects worthy of commendation. This honors sequence consists of four upper division courses and an honors examination; students who complete all requirements receive this accolade.

Personal Life

Adam Tannenbaum, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who specializes in family systems. He owns his own private practice in Denver, Colorado as well as being an adjunct faculty member of the Graduate School of Social Work.

Tanenbaum marries his love of nature with social work to provide effective treatments for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additionally he serves as an executive board member of Check-In Foundation which raises awareness about suicide and CTE in mountain bikers.

He hails from Brooklyn and spent much of his career cultivating relationships with industrial business owners throughout Southwest Brooklyn. Prior to this position, he sold safety products to major construction sites around New York City while creating marketing plans for their suite of contractor supplies.

Net Worth

Adam Tannenbaum reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million and works on TerraCRG Investment Sales team specializing in selling commercial and industrial properties in Brooklyn. With an extensive background in real estate development, construction, finance and distribution – having previously served the Northeast and Southwest neighborhoods – and also spending years as a real estate agent working alongside various developers; Robyn Friedman (his wife), they share one daughter named Gemma.

Adam Tannenbaum was appointed as judge to Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeal in 2019 and began serving his term beginning October 2019. It will continue through 2027.

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