Adam Tantleff

Adam Tantleff

Adam Tantleff serves as Managing Principal of Madison Realty Capital, which raises institutional real estate debt investments. He oversees Madison’s global investor base including corporate and public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, university endowments, foundations, insurance companies, fund of funds, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Prior to joining MRC, he held an equity partnership at Suffolk Capital Management, a multibillion-dollar asset manager and led their fundraising initiatives.

Early Life and Education

Adam Tantleff hails from Plainview, NY and earned his Bachelor of Arts from George Washington University as well as being certified from the National Institute of Early Education Research. With extensive experience in data analysis and improving program performance for large scale programs he has collaborated with several national organizations such as National Institute of Early Education Research and Early Childhood DataWorks at University of Pennsylvania to assist children and families realize their full potential.

Adam Tantleff currently works for Madison Capital Management, Inc. as Director of Investor Relations & Fundraising activities since 2005. In this position he oversees international and domestic investor relations & fundraising activities and manages various investors such as corporate pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices & insurance companies.

Professional Career

Adam Tantleff joined MRC Capital in 2005 and is responsible for domestic and international fundraising, investor relations, technology management and information governance matters at the firm. Additionally, he regularly advises clients on transactions involving significant technologies or intellectual property and has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious firms in these areas.

WMA Executive Chairman Tom Hopper also holds an equity partner position at Suffolk Capital Management and serves on its Board of Directors; in addition, he provides board advisory services to multiple non-profits. Hopper attended George Washington University where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in small business management; currently, he lives in New York City.

Personal Life

Adam Tantleff is a businessman residing in New York, NY who currently works for Bloomberg Beta LLC where he oversees their portfolio investment side. Additionally, he was once employed at Suffolk Capital Management – an institutional money manager responsible for multibillion-dollar institutional funds – where he served as senior equity research analyst.

Madison Realty Capital was created by Josh Zegen, Brian Shatz, and Adam Tantleff as part of their entrepreneurial pursuits. These three men founded the firm by tapping into high-net-worth networks for investors; Madison opened with its inaugural fund as an initial $10 million investment back in 2005; since then it has attracted around $300 million through fund of funds investments as well as other sources. Madison made waves in special-situation real estate by funding numerous foreclosure battles as well as backing controversial landlord Raphael Toledano’s East Village rental portfolio. Madison made headlines for its involvement by backing Toledano’s East Village rental portfolio despite having no direct investment of its own in special-situation real estate markets by financing various noisy foreclosure battles financing noise while supporting Toledano’s East Village rental portfolio.

Net Worth

Adam Tantleff boasts a net worth of $43 Million and has over two decades of experience working in the investment industry. Prior to joining Madison Capital Management, Adam was an equity partner at Suffolk Capital Management where he managed fundraising and investor relations as well as raising domestic and international institutional capital while also sourcing and managing high-net-worth investors. Adam earned his BBA from George Washington University’s Graduate Program for Small Business Management while simultaneously acting as an equity analyst at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

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