Adam Unger

Adam Unger

Adam Unger is an American content creator and social media influencer with over 6.6 Million Followers on TikTok and over 82 Million Likes!

He is well-known for his comedy and beauty parody videos.

He is an enthusiastic bicyclist and owns one of the finest luxury world-class bikes available today. Additionally, he founded BMX The Come Up which quickly became one of the premier sites for world-class bike enthusiasts.

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Professional Career

William Brent Unger was born October 15, 1995 in Palm Beach County, Florida and later relocated with his family to Los Angeles in 2006. He is best known as Chase Davenport from Disney XD’s Lab Rats series.

He also appeared in both Scrubs and The Social Network movies as well as working on various music videos and short films.

As an actor, he has earned multiple Young Artist Awards. Most notably for his work on Lab Rats and Lab Rats: Elite Force TV series which earned him much of his acting income.

As well as his acting career, Tyrannosaurus Records is also home to some talented artists like Notar and Blacktop Mourning whom he first discovered through MySpace music websites.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Unger has accomplished much in his lifetime, founding Planet Reimagined – a non-profit that works with organizations and businesses to promote activism and sustainability – as well as hosting a podcast and series of talks related to these topics.

He has won numerous prestigious awards for his amazing work and is widely recognized for his charismatic, outspoken personality and easygoing nature.

Adam Mendoza is married to Jessica Mendoza, an accomplished softball player who represented the United States in 2004 Athens Olympics as part of Team USA Softball. Together they have two children together; Adam lives in Spanish Fork while working in their family business there while Jessica manages their household affairs.

Personal Life

Adam Unger was born November 24th 1983 in Nashua New Hampshire to Adam John Grandmaison and Elinor Grandmaison who both work in social work and librarianship respectively. Adam also has one loving sister named Carin and Henry as a nephew.

He is widely known for his rapping skills; he regularly uploads tracks and music videos onto The Come Up’s channel on YouTube, as well as hosting No Jumper podcasts featuring many prominent personalities and rappers.

He is an astute businessman who understands hard work. In addition, he hosted weekly Instagram live streams under the name of “Trivia for Good.” During these livestreams he would ask random trivia questions and donate money to charity for each correct response given.

Net Worth

Adam Unger is an actor and social media influencer with extensive following on Instagram.

He is an active contributor on the platform, regularly sharing video from events and music videos, selfies, and life updates.

Billy enjoys amassing an impressive following on Instagram, boasting thousands of fans. He regularly updates his Story Highlights with life updates about himself – such as photos featuring him with potential partners or girlfriends.

He is well-known for his work as manager for EDM-pop duo Chainsmokers, helping them gain worldwide acclaim and recognition.

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