Adam Walls

Adam Walls is a Sculptor and an Art Teacher

Adam Walls began making toys out of scrap wood he discovered at his grandfather’s workshop as a child, yet today his sculptural works still reflect this sense of playfulness and wonderment.

His artworks are rich with deep personal significance. His fabricated steel sculptures often reflect his interest in escapism fantasy.

Early Life and Education

Walls is both an accomplished sculptor and art educator; his teaching philosophy encourages his students to find their individual voices through expression. For over a decade he has provided instruction in subjects like steel fabrication, wood working, plaster casting and carving.

One of his signature sculptures features two tanks placed side-by-side that, when it rains, allow water from one to flow into the other as an expression of love, nourishment and experience. This iconic work stands as a monument to community.

Adam attended Malahide Boarding School, Ireland as a teenager but it did not feel right to him and eventually left at 16 for Mount Temple Comprehensive which was nearby.

Professional Career

Walls made an important play during Super Bowl XXV against Thurman Thomas that prevented what would have been an assured touchdown for Buffalo Bills. Walls would later play for Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants before retiring in 2007.

Since 2007, he has taught at University of North Carolina. Prior to that he held teaching positions at Limestone College, USC Upstate and an assistantship with Winthrop University. Additionally he spent six years teaching public school systems as well as three teaching art centers and private institutions – receiving multiple awards for ceramics, woodworking and steel fabrication sculptures created under his direction.

Formerly, he served as a criminal defense attorney at Katten Muchin and served on the team that represented Michael Jackson during his child-molestation case. Additionally, he has assisted on various high-profile terrorism and white collar litigation matters.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Walls stands out as one of Georgia’s finest trial lawyers, recognized for his groundbreaking approaches and groundbreaking advocacy techniques that have earned him numerous accolades and awards including Super Lawyer status from Best Lawyers as well as being named to their list of Top Ten Trial Lawyers.

At 4.1 points per experience rating (PER), his assist to turnover ratio stands as one of the league’s best. His speed allows him to drive to the basket quickly and spark fast transition play; additionally he’s an extremely capable passer, averaging over 10 assists per game during his career.

He is also an accomplished sculptor, creating large-scale steel fabricated sculptures to express his interest in escapist fantasy. His pieces have been displayed at many parks and art galleries around North Carolina. Additionally, he currently teaches at UNCP as well as having taught previously at Limestone College and Winthrop University.

Personal Life

Adam Walls has been teaching art at UNC Pembroke since 2007. Prior to UNC Pembroke he spent six years working in public school systems as well as for art centers and private institutions. Adam is an experienced large-scale sculptor with experience in ceramics, wood working and steel fabrication.

At one extreme end of his sculptural output lies works that focus primarily on formal possibilities inherent to material (Mother and Child Figures), whereas at another it takes the form of more abstract pieces that respond directly to its formal qualities (e.g. Mother and Child, Figures).

Conversely, his tanks contain personal iconography with intricate layers. According to him, these sculptures help him break free of some self-imposed restrictions and let nature interact with his thoughts – much as children find relief through playing with toys as a form of therapy – his works do the same thing for him.

Net Worth

Adam Walls was once an unemployed college professor. But after learning from a geology professor about exponential growth, he realized it was more important to make wiser financial choices rather than chase higher salaries. So he set about house hacking and investing in real estate to reach financial freedom.

Worth eventually became a criminal organizer and fence. He helped break safecracker Charley Bullard out of jail, as well as arrange for Gainsborough’s famous Duchess of Devonshire portrait to be returned to Agnew & Sons in exchange for $25,000.

Walls is both an artist and art educator. Since 2007, he has taught at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Prior to that he spent six years in public schools and three more at art centers.

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