Adam Wenguer

Adam Wenguer

Adam Wenger is the creator of Element Health (use code BEN15 for 15% savings), one of the world’s premier suppliers of high-quality full-spectrum CBD products. Additionally, he coaches various professional athletes and corporate executives at his 5-star wellness and training facility.

He hunts responsibly and sustainably all year round to provide his family with nutritious protein sources.

Early Life and Education

Adam found refuge from his spinal injury and addiction to pharmaceutical opioids by turning to alternative forms of healing. This led to him exploring Zen Buddhism, health and wellness practices, and deeper spiritual practices like Zen and Taoist practices; studying applied physiology/kinesiology/shamanic healing methodologies among others.

Adam currently coaches at a 5-star strength/ conditioning and wellness facility, working with professional athletes as well as corporate executives. In his free time he hunts and fishes year round in order to provide his family and friends with nutritional food sources. Adam graduated magna cum laude from UC Santa Barbara. Additionally he enjoys taco trucks and 90s alternative music – two passions which he professes a special affection for.

He resides in Myerstown, Pennsylvania with his wife Kristen and son Max. He loves traveling, vacationing on the beach and watching sports.

Professional Career

Adam Wenguer is a partner in Simon Lever’s Tax Department and provides comprehensive business, tax and consulting services for individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations alike. In addition, he performs Yellow Book audits and special consulting projects within the firm.

Prior to joining the firm, he served as Music Director for Valmeyer School District #3 in Valmeyer, Illinois. Here he oversaw kindergarten-5th grade general music programs; middle and high school choir and band performances as well as the fall musical production.

Since then, his focus has shifted toward strength and health coaching; working with professional athletes, executives, and individuals seeking optimal wellness. His coaching philosophy integrates advanced strength training techniques with plant medicine practices as well as ancient and shamanic healing modalities for an integrative approach to holistic coaching.

Personal Life

Adam is an award-winning writer and editor who graduated with honors from UC Santa Barbara. He tells stories, builds brands, watches too much hockey – as well as being drawn in by taco trucks, 90s alternative music, and Onion headlines!

Michael and Kristen reside on a farm in Florida where they ethically hunt wild boar and fish year-round to provide for their family. Michael enjoys teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu and supporting natural healing via plant medicine and the shamanic approach, founding Element Health which produces one of the highest-quality full spectrum CBD products worldwide. In this episode he joins Luke Storey to discuss being prepared when things go south, his experience with opioids, and finding divinity within yourself when you believe drugs are your only means.

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