Adam Yancer

Adam Yancer, a Battle Creek Security Guard, Will Not Face Charges in the Shooting Death of Xavier West

Adam Yancer, born and raised in Pennsylvania, won an Emmy Award as an Emmy Award-winning writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Adam began performing stand-up comedy at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Adam was working security for the bar that night, and one of a select few individuals authorized by its owner to conceal carry a weapon.

Early Life and Education

Adam is the name given to the first human in the Bible, from Adm (‘adam), meaning red or “made”. Genesis 1-5 records Adam and Eve as being the original humans before they consumed forbidden fruit from Eden Garden and were expelled.

The Bible refers to Adam in more oblique terms as an abstract concept: as the name of an unborn fetus that received nourishment from its mother’s womb and eventually matured into an adult being. Adam has long been used in English since medieval times; its use also occurs frequently within Christian religion as well as Islamic and Quranic literature and music genres like rock and roll music.

Professional Career

Adam Yancer served as a security guard for Cricket Club in Battle Creek, Michigan. His duties involved checking patron IDs and searching patrons entering through its front door.

On Thanksgiving morning at the bar, he became embroiled in a fight between customers. Police reported he fired two shots, striking West in the chest area.

Calhoun County Prosecutor’s Office will not prosecute Yancer. An opinion document released Tuesday stated that Yancer met all legal criteria at the time of shooting; these included being in a lawful place and not engaging in illegal conduct at that moment; acting in self-defense to save another life or someone being threatened with serious injuries or death; as well as acting out of self-preservation when believing another was threatened with fatal or severe injury.

Achievement and Honors

Apart from his position at the Cricket Club, Yancer received several other honors throughout his time working there. One was his selection as part of Battle Creek Police Department’s Golden Knights honor guard – long overdue since rising from being one-man band to becoming an integral member of its security force and keeping an eye on vengeful revelers that frequently visited its bar.

Even though Yancer did not come through his ordeal unscathed, he is back on his feet and in the saddle. In an interview recently conducted, he stated he has no regrets and prides himself on having survived an otherwise moribund operation.

Personal Life

Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert decided not to pursue charges against Adam Yancer for the fatal shooting early Thanksgiving morning at the Cricket Club on West Michigan Avenue around midnight, on November 25. Police believe Yancer fired two shots, which struck and killed 29-year-old Xavier West inside.

Officers have obtained video footage, but are still searching for witnesses to the incident. The chief has asked anyone with video footage or who witnessed it to contact the police department immediately.

Gilbert’s office stated that they would not press charges against Yancer because he met two requirements of state law for using deadly force: First, he must not have been engaged in criminal conduct at the time of shooting; secondly, he must have “honestly and reasonably believed that either themselves or someone else were at imminent risk of death or serious bodily injury”.

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