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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lawyer

Before hiring a lawyer, it is essential to research their experience and whether they have handled similar cases as yours. Furthermore, consider their community reputation and focus of practice, in addition to factors like their education level and cost associated with hiring them.

Early Life and Education

Adam Yourell was born in Providence, Rhode Island and studied undergraduate and law at Providence College before going on to Catholic University of Columbus School of Law for legal training. Now a member of Massachusetts Bar Association as well as teaching real estate courses at Suffolk University Boston; previously worked as real estate broker/notary public in Rhode Island/New Hampshire/Massachusetts as well as Commissioner of Deeds both states where he had also previously served. Also known by various aliases such as Adam Yourell. Adam Yourell is also a prominent author/speaker with many aliases over time!

Professional Career

When selecting a lawyer, it is essential to carefully evaluate their education and experience; however, these should not be the only criteria when making your choice. You should also factor in factors like years of practice, focus of practice and reputation when making your selection. Adam Yourell has been practicing law in Wellesley, Massachusetts since 1998 specializing in Real Estate and Probate Litigation as part of Yourell Law Firm; he holds membership of both Providence College and Catholic University of Columbus School of Law where he earned both degrees. His reputation precedes him within legal communities worldwide!

Personal Life

Adam Yourell is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and licensed real estate broker and notary public. Although unmarried, Yourell may have acquaintances or friends. When hiring an attorney it’s important to research their background such as number of years practicing, case specialization expertise, results achieved previously and any disciplinary actions against them; as they will often need access to confidential client information – especially if representing high-profile clients.

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