Adamo Bioscience

Founder and CEO of Adamo Bioscience

Molly Maloof is the founder and CEO of Adamo Bioscience and an innovator in personalized medicine, digital health technologies, psychedelics, consumer health products and consumer wellness services. She has become one of the go-to practitioners for world-renowned entrepreneurs, investors and technology executives alike.

As well as teaching at Stanford University and co-writing the book Biohacking for Women with Harper Wave Books.

Professional Career

An effective career in life sciences requires an in-depth knowledge of biology as well as various teaching, communication and research abilities. Furthermore, many life science professionals must also possess knowledge of medical technology and clinical research.

Biologists create medical technology to assist people in leading healthier lives, work in forensics or other fields that involve identification or verification, or may serve other roles requiring identification or proof. Individuals interested in entering the life sciences can explore their options through courses like biology education, clinical research or laboratory management or by enrolling in Professional Skills for Careers in Biosciences workshop certificate program which offers opportunities to increase communication, marketing and budgeting abilities.

Achievement and Honors

Professor Adamo’s team utilizes reprogramming, genome editing, and cellular biology techniques to identify transcriptional and epigenetic signatures indicative of metabolic diseases. Their in vitro screening assays aim to isolate chemical compounds with antipathological signatures.

Dr. Adamo is not only conducting cutting-edge research in her lab; she’s also an accomplished author whose works have appeared in BioScience – a respected journal that covers research findings, techniques, educational issues and professional developments.

She is a member of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) and has received many honors, such as fellowships from both the National Academy of Sciences and Linus Pauling Institute. Additionally, she authored popular science book entitled, “Evolution and Evolutionary Biology.” Her latest title entitled, “The Biology of Diabetes: The New Frontier”, has become an outstanding best seller.

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