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Adam Adams – Deputy Director of Operations at Bell Ambulance

An ambulance is a vehicle used for transporting people from one location to another. In some countries, ambulances consist of wagons or boats while in others they’re cars.

In the US, there are various types of ambulance services. Some are run by charities or non-profit organizations while others by hospitals.

Early Life and Education

North Adams Ambulance Service was formed to meet a desperate need in 1978 when there was a dearth of ambulances in its region. A small group of local residents, businesses and churches responded by pooling their resources together to establish this emergency medical service.

Since that time, Adams Ambulance has expanded its services across much of north Berkshire and southern Vermont. Today, Adams ambulance is run by an EMT/Paramedic team operating six advanced life support Quick-Response/Command vehicles ready to respond at all times.

They also boast an impressive variety of training and education options. As an industry pioneer in Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS), which involves teaching first responders how to work effectively together, and their medical education program that caters for students of all levels, TEMS also offer unparalleled training programs and education options.

Professional Career

Adams Ambulance Services are full-time professional ambulance services offering Advanced Life Support (ALS) level care as well as emergency medical dispatching services.

Adams Ambulance recently entered into a mutual-aid agreement with the Town of Hawley, making it easier for emergency responders to request them. According to a press release issued by Hawley’s Selectboard on November 12th, this contract has since gone into effect and can now be utilized by emergency services personnel.

Current residents in Hawley rely on Charlemont Ambulance for basic life support services, but ALS-level care needs are now present. A contract was recently inked between Adams Ambulance and Hawley to formalize an arrangement and enable as-needed requests of this nonprofit ambulance provider. Selectboard Chair Hussein Hamdan has assured residents this will not adversely impact current arrangements with Charlemont Ambulance.

Achievement and Honors

Adams ambulance has received numerous awards and commendations for its efforts. These merit-based awards recognize EMS certified/licensed personnel, administrators/educators/volunteers for outstanding acts or services rendered within the system.

Lance Hoffrage earned the Paramedic of the Year award at this summer’s EMSCC national conference in St. JohnaEUR(tm). This prestigious recognition came to him for reviving Madera resident Carol Adams last July. This prestigious recognition was given at St. JohnaEUR(tm).

Adams ambulance received recognition for its Apprenticeship programme – the first of its kind in the UK – which has had an outstanding impact on patient experience, service delivery and staff retention. The program received special praise for making patients’ lives better as well as increasing employee retention rates.

Personal Life

Adams enjoys traveling, reading and keeping up with new medical technology when not helping others in the field. Additionally, he lives in his ambulance-home — a converted pickup he hopes to drive across America in his free time – when not helping others directly.

Adam epitomizes REMSA’s mission of “advancing the EMS and mobile health industry through innovation, leadership and pursuit of excellence”. As an experienced executive with over 12 years in EMS/Paramedicine practices, Adam has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to innovation while further developing professions of both EMS/Paramedicine. A staunch proponent for prehospital care and mobile healthcare industries alike, Adam has initiated innovative projects such as Alternative Destination Transport and Alpha/Omega protocols which benefit those in prehospital care as well.

He believes his energy, ethics and intellect inspire those around him to produce their best work – making REMSA family truly grateful that he was part of the family!

Net Worth

Adam Adams has been with Bell Ambulance since 2007 as an EMT. Over time he earned promotion to Advanced EMT. In 2017 he was promoted into his current position and oversees daily operations along with recruitment and retention of employees as well as safety department inspections of children’s car seats. Recently Adam purchased a mobile response trailer which allows him to set up outside checkpoints in other communities.

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