Adams XTD

Adams XTD Irons Review

Adams XTD irons are ideal game improvement irons for advanced players seeking increased distance and forgiveness. The Adams XTD series features their thinnest cast-iron face yet, which helps maximize deflection and ball speed for optimal deflection and ball speed control.

Adams claims their XTD irons are exceptionally forgiving due to their cross cavity design, which shifts their center of gravity backward. This creates greater gear effects on toe and heel hits and accelerates ball speeds off of their clubface faster than any of their prior brands.

Early Life and Education

Henry Adams was one of four children of statesman and diplomat Charles Francis Adams and enjoyed a high birth rank within American political aristocracy as well as many advantages within society.

Adams began his formal education when he attended Harvard College in 1858 and after finishing, traveled extensively throughout Europe.

Adams took notice of the rapid changes occurring in society, technology, and politics – as well as questioning humanity’s role in these developments – during his travels.

His later years’ book The Education of Henry Adams was an autobiographical work which detailed his struggle to adapt to his surroundings and was critical of 19th-century educational theory and practice.

Professional Career

Adams Golf equipment has long been considered some of the highest quality available, renowned for quality control and customer service excellence. Adams is an icon within the professional golf community and an innovator when it comes to innovation and fun in golf equipment design. Beyond their venerable lineup of tour caliber clubs, Adams boasts an exemplary corporate culture as evidenced by an impressive employee roster spanning multiple disciplines across their Northville campus in Michigan – this feat of strength can only be accomplished due to their teamwork-centric atmosphere that fosters strong employee morale!

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