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Charles Randolph Korsmo

Charles Randolph Korsmo was an award-winning child actor, appearing in films such as ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ and ‘What About Bob?’ before making a comeback appearance in 2019 film ‘Chained for Life’.

Korsmo made his acting debut at age 12 in the drama film ‘Men Don’t Leave’ and went on to earn both his Bachelor’s in Physics from Breck School as well as his Juris Doctor from Yale Law School.

Early Life and Education

Charlie Korsmo may no longer be acting, but his life has taken an interesting path since his Hollywood exit. Since leaving Hollywood behind he has achieved multiple college degrees, an influential law firm position and teaching roles – an impressive resume.

Korsmo began acting shortly after his parents set him up with a talent agent and soon started booking local commercials. From there he quickly progressed into film and TV projects featuring stars such as Jessica Lange and Joan Cusack; appearing in movies such as Men Don’t Leave and Heat Wave respectively as well as appearing as Richard Dreyfuss’ son “Sigmund Siggy Marvin” from What About Bob.

Korsmo earned both his undergraduate degree in physics and law from Yale University. Since then, he has become an attorney at Sullivan and Cromwell in New York City as well as an adjunct professor of law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland.

Professional Career

Korsmo began his movie acting career during the early ’90s with roles alongside Jessica Lange (“Men Don’t Leave”), Robin Williams (“Hook”) and Richard Dreyfuss (“What About Bob?”. After retiring at twenty, Korsmo turned his focus towards law – graduating from an undergraduate physics program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology before earning a law degree from Yale Law School.

After graduation, he clerked for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit before working as a litigation associate at Sullivan & Cromwell before becoming a law professor at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University. With Adrienne as his wife and their two children Lilah and William under their roof – happily married life can only be assumed!

Achievement and Honors

Korsmo was awarded two honors in 1997 film Hook: Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Ensemble Cast in Motion Picture; Chicago Film Critics Association Award and Nominee for Best Young Actor. Korsmo continued acting until he turned twenty, when he decided to pursue law instead. After finishing an undergraduate physics programme he attended Yale Law School where he joined The Federalist Society – an organisation of conservative and libertarian legal professionals.

Since then, he has become an accomplished lawyer and professor of corporate law at Case Western Reserve University. Additionally, he serves on the board for Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence Foundation as well as being married to Adrienne, with whom they share two children – Lilah and William.

Personal Life

Korsmo is best known for his roles in the films Dick Tracy and Hook; however, he is also an accomplished lawyer who serves as an adjunct professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland.

He is married to Adrienne Korsmo and has two children named Lilah and William. Although not much has been discussed about their personal lives, he has stated that nothing tops family importance for him.

Korsmo had been acting since he was five, yet decided to withdraw in the mid 1990s when Hollywood seemed disinclined to give him opportunities. He briefly made his comeback to acting in 1998 in the teen comedy ‘Can’t Hardly Wait,’ portraying William Lichter a high school outsider trying to win back the affection of Ethan Embry’s character (Ethan Embry).

Net Worth

Korsmo left acting at age twenty to pursue a legal career, attending Yale Law School where he eventually earned his Juris Doctor degree. Subsequently he passed the New York State Bar exam and joined Sullivan & Cromwell before going on to teach law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland as a professor.

Korsmo and Adrienne are married and together have two children. Korsmo does not regret his career choice or how life turned out; he’s grateful that everything turned out so well for himself and his family.

He credits his family as being instrumental in shaping who he is today.

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