Alexandria Ocasio-cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The New Face of the Democratic Party

Many Americans might be shocked to hear that the Democratic Party has adopted the ideas of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in Washington. The New York Democrat grew up in a working-class family and spent time working in Senator Ted Kennedy’s office during college. Her strong support of progressive policies for low-income families and the homeless demonstrates her commitment to a more equal society.

As a third-generation Bronxite and former ISEF competitor, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents parts of the Bronx and Queens and includes Rikers Island. In January 2019, Ocasio-Cortez was elected to Congress and became the youngest woman and Latino in the entire House of Representatives. She is a champion of progressive social issues such as the Green New Deal and universal healthcare. In a recent tweet, she acknowledged science and has worked tirelessly to make our world a better place.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grew up in the Bronx. Her family was one of the few to own a home and lived in the Bronx, hosting family parties and Noche Buenas at their modest two-bedroom apartment. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez studied Economics and Political Science at Boston University. She later worked as a bartender and waitress before becoming a congresswoman.

Upon being sworn in, Ocasio-Cortez’s first piece of legislation was a Green New Deal resolution, a sweeping plan that would put millions of Americans to work in unionized jobs. It would be a 10-year-long national mobilization that addressed a number of interconnected crises, much like FDR’s New Deal.

Ocasio-Cortez was first elected to Congress in 2012. She recalled being called a “bitch”, by a male co-worker, when she first became a congresswoman. She was stunned to respond, and vowed to never have a similar incident happen again. And that was the first time she visited a doctor in years. AOC’s first trip to the doctor since becoming a congresswoman.

The plan would extend Social Security’s solvency for 50 years and generate enough revenue to increase benefits and cost-of-living adjustments. It would also lift more seniors out of poverty. Alexandria believes that this plan is necessary to make sure that Social Security is paid back. Without Social Security, 40% of senior citizens would be living below the poverty line. Today, 8.8% live in poverty.

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