Alexandria The Red

Alexandria the Red (@alexandriathered)

Alexandria The Red is an Instagram cosplayer. She was born in Year of the Monkey. Monkeys are energetic, love to listen, but lack self-control and morals. Alexandria rose to fame on Instagram and YouTube first. She learned to sew and model to create her unique cosplays. Alexandria the Red has over 120,000 followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel where she shares behind the scenes footage of cosplaying.

Alexandria the Red is currently N/A. As of 2022, she is N/A years old. According to the social network website wiki, her age is N/A. Her most popular search terms are “Alexandria the Red’s height,” “Alexandria the Red'” and “Alexandria the Red”s house.”

Alexandria the Red, also known as @alexandriathered is an Instagram well-known cosplayer. She was a MegaCon Orlando cosplayer in May 2017. Alexandria The Red’s Instagram posts of cosplaying and modeling photos have attracted a lot of attention. Although it’s not clear how Alexandria The Red became famous, she seems to be an Instagram star.

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