Alphonso Joyner

Alphonso Joyner Arrested in a String of Murders

In a series of random shootings across the North Side of Chicago, Alphonso Joyner has been arrested in a string of incidents. Detectives say the suspect was wearing a similar outfit to the one in the security footage when he shot a young girl. Police are still investigating the murder but have now obtained the license plate number for the car Joyner was driving. Police say they used 10 license plate reading cameras to track Joyner down. Joyner was arrested a little over an hour after the shooting. Police claim they have a ghost gun, which is a weapon that uses different parts of a firearm but does not have a serial number. Joyner pleaded not guilty and was charged with first-degree murder as well as aggravated unlawful weapon use.

Security footage shows Joyner pulling over his car and shooting Tse multiple times. Joyner started firing as Tse was trying to buy a newspaper. Joyner fired seven shots at the man, then paused for six more. He hit him several times in his head and body. After the second round of shots, the victim fell to the ground. Joyner calmly walked over and fired eight more shots at the victim.

Alphonso Joyner, who was shot in the Chinatown neighborhood on Dec. 7, was arrested. Alphonso Joyner was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated unlawful weapon use, and a revoked Firearm Owner’s ID Card. The incident has led to a vigil to remember Tse. Woom Sing Tse’s family has been helped by a GoFundMe account that has raised over $700.

Police also arrested Joyner, who had been arrested for possessing a gun on the West Side of Chicago. His car was tracked by license plate readers and he was arrested the following day. Police are not yet sure whether this case is linked to any other murders in the area. The motive behind the attack is still unknown. Joyner has a record of committing violent crimes against Asian Americans. Joyner’s arrest will send shockwaves through the Chicago community.

After the arrest, Joyner was found in possession of a gun and was detained in a car. He was driving on the Kennedy Expressway at the time when police stopped him and he was arrested. Police spotted his car on Jackson Boulevard and pulled him over. The arrest resulted in the arrest of Joyner. In the meantime, Joyner will serve a suspended sentence. Joyner is still facing a murder charge.

Woom Sing Tse, a retired restaurateur, was shot 22 times with a gun. Joyner, a former street-peddler, was taken into custody near the Kennedy Expressway. A gun and an extended magazine were also found in Joyner’s car. Woom Sing Tse was a Chicago native who immigrated to the United States with very little money. Police blamed the shooting on the community’s awareness.

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