Amazon Icon Aesthetic

Is the New Amazon App Icon Aesthetic?

Despite being a company that has become synonymous with minimalist and functional design, Amazon has never really been regarded as a trendy company. The latest Amazon app icon, which is a sleek and striking example of minimalism, was a mistake that was fixed in a matter of weeks. But what makes this new icon so appealing?

The iconic smile is a universal language that communicates good will. Whether you’re looking to make friends or make a purchase, a simple smile will do the trick. Aside from that, it also translates well across different languages, signalling positive interaction. The Amazon logo is all over the web these days, as it sells an endless variety of products. Its black, white and orange color scheme is simple and minimal, but still has a positive impact on the viewer.

The new logo for Amazon’s mobile app was launched in late January. The previous design featured a blue toothbrush-style moustache and resembled the face of Adolf Hitler. However, some users criticized the new look and suggested that it looked like a mustache, which is not aesthetically pleasing.

Amazon’s logo has undergone multiple design iterations over the years. The logo was first designed in 2000 and was a symbol of the new generation and technological development. It communicated the message of “Everything Store” and was a positive reflection of the company’s approach. It has undergone several changes, including the change of color scheme and the removal of the tagline.

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