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Amber Serrano – The Wife of Ralph Tresvant

Amber Tresvant, wife of Ralph Tresvant (an American contemporary R&B singer), is also a visual art designer and owns her own company called Divine Inner Vision.

Amber was born in America on June 17, 1976 with a Gemini birth sign and African-American heritage.

She and her husband have an adorable son named Darkari Tresvan whom they live together happily.

Early Life and Education

Amber Serrano is an established American actress and visual art designer of Divine Inner Vision, best known for her role as part of BET’s 2017 biographical series called The New Edition Story.

Amber lived with both an elder brother and younger sister; however, her parents were engineers with demanding work schedules that left little time for family life – often sending Amber on holidays with her grandparents instead of spending them at home with her own family.

In 1996, her parents divorced their mother and she married Ralph Tresvant in 2004. Ralph had previously been married to Shelly Jean with whom he had three children – Na’Quelle, Mariah, and Ralph Tresvant Jr.

Dakari Tresvant and his parents reside happily together in Topeka, Kansas.

Professional Career

Amber possesses an avid passion for arts and crafts. As a perfectionist in her work, she works tirelessly to achieve perfection in each project she undertakes. Additionally, Amber owns a small business where she sells handmade items; financially independent, she doesn’t rely on her husband for support.

She gained fame through her marriage to Ralph Tresvant, a well-known American contemporary R&B singer. Since then she has made many movies and TV shows appearances, such as Money Can’t Buy You Love and House Party; additionally, she works as a dancer.

Divine Inner Vision, owned and run by her, provides services as an entrepreneur. Dakari follows in his father’s footsteps by pursuing music – his SoundCloud page can be found under K.A.R.I

Achievement and Honors

Amber excelled at high school as an athlete. She earned All-American recognition in track and field and served as president of the CHS recycling club. Additionally, Amber participated in multiple extracurricular activities such as choir rehearsals, theater productions, dance class lessons and dance class lessons.

Tresvant is an American singer-songwriter and actor best known as part of R&B group New Edition. Additionally, he has released solo albums with moderate success.

His former spouse was Shelly Jean; they have three daughters and one son together. On 18 September 2004, Ricky Bell and Amy Correa of New Edition also tied the knot as part of a double wedding ceremony; Dakari, their son was then.

Personal Life

Amber Serrano is a gifted actor and visual art designer who owns her own company called Divine Inner Vision. She first gained attention through appearing on BET’s 2017 biological series. Additionally, she is best known as Ralph Tresvant’s wife; who is an American contemporary R&B singer/songwriter/actor.

Ralph and Amber tied the knot on September 18, 2004 and have one son together named Darkari Tresvan. Before marrying Amber, Ralph had previously been married to Shelly; however, their marriage ended after Shelly found him cheating with Amber.

She boasts an estimated net worth of $15 Million. However, due to her demanding work commitments she often doesn’t have much time for herself or family – hence no social media accounts exist in her name.

Net Worth

Amber Serrano first gained recognition when she married Ralph Tresvant, an American contemporary R&B singer. Since then she has appeared as one of the characters in BET’s 2017 biographical series ‘The New Edition Story’ as well as operating her company Divine Inner Vision which provides significant income.

Her husband, Dakari Tresvant, is an esteemed R&B singer who has performed alongside stars like Bobby Brown in Heads of State. Following the dissolution of his marriage to Shelly Jean in 2004, Amber and Dakari married. Now they share one child together – Dakari Tresvant!

Amber was born May 29th 1976 in the US and holds life path number 3. As an entrepreneur she owns a successful company called Divine Inner Vision.

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