American Idol Results Last Night

American Idol Results Revealed

You probably didn’t pay much attention to the top five performers on American Idol last night. However, there were a couple of standout performances. Lionel and Katy praised Huntergirl’s rendition “Girl Crush”, Little Big Town, and called it amazing. Fritz’s rendition of “Youngblood”, by 5 Seconds of Summer was a personal favorite of the judges and resonated with the audience.

Last night, the top three results were announced and some contestants were shocked by their placements. Although the judges were more generous with the finalists, many were still surprised by the results. Ryan Seacrest, host of the show, was one the most successful alums of the show’s history. This year’s Top 3 was the most emotional of all, and fans of the show were no exception.

HunterGirl was second and Jay Copeland was third. Both were awarded platinum tickets which allows them to skip the first round at Hollywood Week. While this is disappointing news for fans of HunterGirl, there is always hope. Despite American Idol only naming one winner, the results of this competition mean that she will continue to sing for the public. Despite their loss, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert rose to stardom.

Chayce, the second runner up, has already sold 25,000 copies her latest album. Each year, the competition has become more fierce. Despite this, the contestants have been working with vocal coaches to improve their vocal abilities. The show is coming to an end and the top five contestants will be on the final stage in just a few weeks. Until then, tune in Sunday nights at 8pm on ABC to see who won.

The top three, meanwhile, remain the same. There were also some surprises. Two hopefuls have been awarded Platinum Tickets. Kenedi Anderson, one of the contestants, pulled out of this week’s Hollywood week. Jay Anderson and Huntergirl have made it to the top 7. This gives them a slight advantage over the rest. They’ll go on to perform on the final night of Hollywood.

Casey James, the third runner up, was another surprise. Harrison made it out of the early rounds of season 12 but was already a polished singer by season’s end. She finished second to Candice Glaver. The best surprise is that the three-time winner of the show continues to be active in music. After leaving the show, Harrison released two albums and toured the country. It wasn’t enough for Harrison to break into the top five.

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