American Psycho Halloween Costume

American Psycho Halloween Costume Essentials

To complete your American Psycho Halloween costume, you’ll need a few essentials. This classic movie is a classic, and you can dress up as your favorite star this Halloween! Below are some costumes for the iconic characters in the film. It’s not difficult to become a psycho or a psychotic criminal, you may be surprised! Fortunately, there’s an easy costume idea for every member of the cast!

To make your American Psycho costume as authentic as possible, you should consider purchasing some of the movie’s key props. Specifically, you’ll need an axe with a wooden handle and a chrome head. Clear raincoats are available if you want to be Patrick Bateman. Not only will this protect your expensive clothing from the elements, but it also looks amazing when splashed with fake blood! Patrick Bateman is a serial killer, and a costume based on him would be the perfect choice!

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