Americas Got Talent Comedians

The Best Comedians on America’s Got Talent

Comedy is not a purely masculine form of entertainment and, like many of us, we enjoy seeing talented people in a range of different disciplines hone their craft. However, if we look at the comedians on Americas Got Talent, we can see a distinctly male-dominated category. There are some distinctive traits among the comedians who compete in the season’s competition. While they have a unique style, they also have broad appeal.

Stand-up comedians get a boost on America’s Got Talent. Ryan Niemiller’s popularity grew dramatically between the semi-finals & the finals. His bookings increased by fourfold. He grew up in a trailer and didn’t have a bed until college. Comedy has been his ticket into the world. He performed 25 times in November alone, making him a road dog who can drive 14 hours to get to the next gig.

One of the most memorable acts on the show was a man with cerebral palsy, who came in third place during Season 16. His jokes poked fun at himself and defied stereotypes of disabled people. He performed stand-up routines on the show that were both funny and relatable. The runner-up of America’s Got Talent is currently pursuing a podcast, and is preparing to return to the competition in January 2020.

Deaf and hard of hearing comedians can also compete on America’s Got Talent. Drew Lynch, who finished fifth in the 2015 season, has a large following in the disability community. His ad campaign highlights his advocacy for disability issues in the comedy world. Hayden Kristal, who is deaf, used American Sign Language (ASL) while auditioning for the show. This helped him to gain instant recognition online.

“America’s Got Talent” auditions are now ongoing and are being held for a $1 million prize. In the latest episode, hosts Terry Crews and the judges, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum, were back in the theater. Mandel, who is notoriously stickler for stand up material, complimented Jordan Conley’s performance. The emcee on the show called her “awesome” and said, “That woman is so talented!

Other judges were also very complimentary of Jordan. Sofia described him as “simply amazing” with “super, super talent.” Heidi commented that the audience response was amazing and that she wished that her stand-up act could reach as large an audience as Kevin Hart’s. So who are America’s top three comedians? Let’s find out! You can also watch the videos below and see who you think will win the show!

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