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Andrew Silverman – A Real Estate Business Tycoon

Andalex’s business endeavors are vast and varied. He secured financing to build a 222-unit rental structure in Stamford, Connecticut with local developer FD Rich.

Silverman brings with him over 30 years of experience as an executive at various contract research organizations (CROs).

Early Life and Education

Silverman is an entrepreneur who believes strongly in giving back to the community, with particular focus on education initiatives and organizations which foster innovation and success. Always on the lookout for new business ventures, Silverman strives to give back and find ways to do just that.

He has one son, Adam. Since 2005, Lauren Silverman and he have lived together in New York City with an intense bond and love between them that spans the years; together they own a home complete with large gardens and pools for relaxation and recreation.

He is an American citizen who practices Christianity. After graduating with honors from University of Pennsylvania, he started his trading floor career at Credit Lyonnais before later joining Andalex – his family firm – where he now acts as chief investment officer.

Professional Career

Andrew Silverman is a New York-based real estate business magnate with an estimated net worth of $30 Million. He serves as senior partner of Andalex Group and heads its investment division. Andrew has extensive experience in the real estate sector and is widely considered an expert professional.

Silverman is known to be an active volunteer outside his professional endeavors as well. With strong social justice and environmental commitments, he has taken part in various campaigns designed to assist those in need while protesting, including participating in 1960s anti-Vietnam War demonstrations.

His research interests span an array of areas, such as wastewater-based epidemiology, hyperlocal urban flooding and natural disinfection mechanisms. He has published multiple articles in scientific journals on these subjects.

Achievement and Honors

Silverman has become known for his incredible entrepreneurial and talent-based success across various ventures. Furthermore, his commitment to helping others realize their dreams makes him an exceptional philanthropist.

Silverman served West Chester University as both men’s tennis team captain and male representative to its Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, in addition to helping coach both men’s and women’s tennis teams from Chestnut Hill in 2011-14.

He is also an avid collector and supports various artistic institutions. Additionally, he has represented individuals wrongfully convicted and has dedicated his life to improving access to justice.

Personal Life

He prefers not to share any personal details with the outside world and prefers not to engage in social media platforms such as Instagram. Allen Silverman co-owns a company alongside him.

He and Lauren were married for 10 years until their divorce in 2013, which ended amid controversy when Lauren admitted having an affair with British TV personality Simon Cowell. Together, they share one son named Adam Silverman.

Silverman was exposed to real estate from an early age through his father, who ran the family firm. He remembers sitting in on company meetings and working summers at the office when he was young; these experiences helped him cope with his wife’s infidelity with Cowell, while now building his empire in this sector of real estate.

Net Worth

Silverman first entered the land business through his father, who owned Andalex Realty of New York. Inspired by this experience, he decided to expand it with his younger brother and began making serious transactions such as an office complex construction in New Jersey and townhouse exchange on Long Island.

He’s expanded his reach into Florida, where he seeks to acquire sports venues and casinos from bankrupt organizations. As Chief Investment Officer of Andalex Group he has become known for his consistent work.

He’s engaged to Samantha Lerner Zimmerman, a businesswoman who runs Mish Mish, a New York children clothing boutique. They currently reside together happily in the city with plans for an impending wedding ceremony.

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